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Team Immigration Advisers New Zealand has dedicated itself to promote and protect the interest of our clients who come to us seeking immigration advice.

The brand Immigration Advisers New Zealand has become synonymous with high quality immigration advice, maintaining necessary competency standards and adhering to the code of conduct for immigration advisers. All our advisers are fully licensed and have the knowledge of and the ability to provide tailored advice on the full range of immigration matters relating to applications, appeals, requests, claims and other representation including but not limited to: applications for temporary entry; applications for residence; claims for refugee and protection status; dealing with a client’s unlawful status; and dealing with appeals and requests under the Immigration Act 2009.

Our multicultural team appreciates and acknowledges the cultural norms and values of our clients who we help come to New Zealand come from various countries of the world. Over the years that we have been in immigration business, we have accumulated experience of working with Immigration New Zealand offices and staff in USA, UK, UAE, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, Philippines, India, Japan, and China.


Himanshu Rai License Number: 201501323

Himanshu has a unique gift of effective intelligence, which allows him to use his knowledge, experience and expertise concerning New Zealand immigration legislation and instructions to suite his client’s needs. His 26 years of military experience allows him to help his client in breaking down and solve complex immigration problems. His advice on immigration matters takes into consideration that client has either little or no idea about New Zealand immigration legislation and instructions, and is completely relying on the expertise of his adviser for assistance. He is widely travelled and experienced, which makes him well equipped to giving immigration advice overcoming cultural, language or gender barriers.

He started his career in 1991 in military as an officer, which gave him an opportunity to test his analytical, organisational and leadership skills in various situations and circumstances. He is a Masters in Applied and Clinical Psychology apart from holding a Graduate Certificate in New Zealand Migration Advice.

Himanshu’s objective immigration advice helps him gain the trust and confidence of his client as he weighs up all the options available, and helps select the one that will be of the greatest benefit to his client.

Vandana Rai

Vandana Rai License Number: 201400900

Vandana is herself a migrant and has a rare set of skill match, which could be considered ideal for a Licensed Immigration Adviser. She was a school counsellor 1996 to 2006, a role in which she was a natural fit due to her nurturing and caring personality. She started foraying into immigration matters in 2007, when she started to use psychometric based tests to match her student’s aptitude, personality, interest and qualifications with their aspirations to seek higher education all across the world.

Her earnest journey as a Fully Licensed Immigration Adviser for New Zealand began in 2015, and she considers herself blessed to have the background and the skills, which allow her as Immigration adviser to effortlessly being able to visualise herself in her client’s situation, able to understand it and use her knowledge, experience and expertise to help find a solution for it.

She is highly educated, having done Masters in Science and Masters in Business Administration apart from a PG Diploma in Guidance and Counselling and Graduate Certificate in New Zealand Migration Advice. She is currently on the Board of New Zealand Association of Migration and Investment (NZAMI) and was part of the Immigration Advisers Authority(IAA) referral group for 2016.

Julia Nguyen

Marketing Executive

South East Asia – Vietnam


Muteb Alshammari

Marketing Executive

Middle East and Latin America


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