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We are Licensed– We have been granted license because we have met the requirements set out in the Immigration Adviser Competency Standards 2016, have the knowledge of New Zealand Immigration law and instructions.

Immigration New Zealand– It looks after immigration rules and laws and says that to use the knowledge of immigration law to advise another person on New Zealand immigration matters, a person must either be licensed or exempt.

Immigration Advisers Authority– It promotes and protects the interests of people receiving immigration advice, and issues licenses to people who are fit and competent to give immigration advice, have met Competency Standards and follow the Code of Conduct 2014.

Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007– It aims to protect consumers and enhance New Zealand’s reputation as a destination for migrants, anyone giving immigration advice must have a license unless exempt.


Immigration Advisers Licensing Regulations 2008– It supports Immigration Act 2009 and standards of for advisers’ professional behaviour and Competency Standards, as set out in the Licensing Act 2007 and Advisers Code Conduct 2014.

Immigration Act 2009– It is the fundamental source of New Zealand immigration law, provides a framework to manage immigration in a way that balances national interests with international obligations, protects both New Zealanders and migrants.


What it means to have your occupation on the Shortage Lists in New Zealand

What is Essential Skills Demand List (ESID), and what it means to have your occupation on the Shortage Lists in New Zealand? As per the Immigration New Zealand (INZ) website, New Zealand competes internationally for skilled workers. Workers with skills on the Essential Skills Demand List (ESID) usually find it easier to apply for temporary … Continue reading What it means to have your occupation on the Shortage Lists in New Zealand


Employers Guide for Hiring Worker

We know that when it comes to hiring an employee, a genuine employer getssleepless nights due to the complications of the process involved.This sometimes discourages an employer to go through the process and hirea suitable candidate who could take the business to next level.Immigration Advisers New Zealand understands the process involved down tothe last detail


Essential Skills Work Visa – Importance of Advertising

Importance of advertising as part of labour market check? Most work visa applications in New Zealand are essential skills work visa applications.When assessing an application Immigration New Zealand (INZ) must be satisfied that there are no suitably qualified New Zealand citizens (or residence class visa holders) available to do the work through a Labour Market … Continue reading Essential Skills Work Visa – Importance of Advertising


Immigration Adviser/Lawyer of the Year Category

We are thrilled to announce that Vandana Rai, Director of Immigration Advisers New Zealand has been selected as one of the finalist in the Immigration Adviser/Lawyer of the Year and Hall of Fame category of awards of NZAMI that are announce once in two years.The significance of the awards that she has been nominated for … Continue reading Immigration Adviser/Lawyer of the Year Category


NZ Universities Seek Closer Ties with Latin America

Education New Zealand website has reported that a Universities New Zealand delegation comprising representatives from AUT, VUW and Massey universities visited Latin America from 18-30 November.


Advisory for Student’s Partners & Agents to get a Positive Outcome from INZ

There has been a flood of character concerns that have been raised by Immigration New Zealand (INZ), Delhi Branch, in context of partners of First Time Student Visa (FSV) holders from India,who have displayed remarkable gullibility and naivety in lodgement of their visitor/work visa applications. Both these words suggest that these applicants have been victimised,however while a naive … Continue reading Advisory for Student’s Partners & Agents to get a Positive Outcome from INZ


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