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We assess your immigration situation, establish eligibility, gather information, identify barriers, evaluate options, give advice, and then represent you throughout the immigration application process in a professional, ethical and responsible manner to ensure the best possible outcome.

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How We Work

We approach our clients on multiple and contemporary platforms to connect and gather information for evaluation in the context of the interest shown. We then proceed to assess the eligibility of our client against the assessment criteria as laid out within the related immigration instructions. We demystify the immigration instructions and assist our client in exploring options. On having helped our client in selecting the best option, we prepare the submissions along with the documentary evidence provided by the client with the sole purpose of getting a positive outcome on the application.

To honour our commitment to providing you with the best immigration advice at a fair and reasonable price, we have put into practice this specific process that has emerged out of combined more than 50 years of experience in the immigration industry.

Why Choose Us

We are Licensed–

We are licensed to provide immigration advice because we have met the requirements set out in the Immigration Adviser Competency Standards 2016 and have the knowledge of New Zealand Immigration law and instructions.

We thrive on our mission to provide you with the best professional immigration advice at a fair and reasonable price. Our cornerstones of working are client centricity, passion, seamless service and customised immigration advice.

Immigration Act 2009

The Immigration Act 2009 is the fundamental source of New Zealand immigration law, which provides the necessary framework to INZ to manage immigration.

Immigration Advisers Authority

The licensing regime in New Zealand is overseen by the Immigration Advisers Authority (IAA), which uses competency standards and a code of conduct to set and monitor standards for licensed immigration advisers.

Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007

This Act aims to protect consumers and enhance New Zealand’s reputation as a destination for migrants. The Act requires people who give New Zealand immigration advice to be licensed, unless they’re exempt from licensing.


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