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2022 Special Ukraine Visa: Eligibility Criteria Expanded and EOI timeframe Extended

2022 Special Ukraine Visa: Eligibility Criteria Expanded and EOI timeframe Extended

The New Zealand Government has made the following changes to the 2022 Special Ukraine Visa to support the Ukrainian community in New Zealand –

The timeframe for submitting Expressions of Interest (EOI) has been extended

The final date for submitting EOIs for the 2022 Special Ukraine Visa has been extended by a year to 15 March 2024 to allow Ukrainians in New Zealand more time to bring their families

The period allowed for travel to New Zealand has been extended

For applications submitted 16 March 2023 onwards, the time allowed for travelling to New Zealand on the 2022 Special Ukraine Visa has been extended from 9 months to 12 months

The sponsorship criteria have been extended

Changes have been made to the sponsorship criteria for the 2022 Special Ukraine Visa.

Applicants must have a nominating family member who meets the NZ and Ukrainian residency requirements, as well as an acceptable sponsor or entity to take on financial responsibility for them.  The sponsor and the nominating family member can be the same person.

Eligibility has been broadened to include New Zealand residents and citizens with a Ukrainian parent or grandparent, in addition to other adult family members, partners and dependent children who have lived with the family for a substantial period of time. Expressions of interest under these criteria may be submitted from 27 March 2023

To know more about the eligibility criteria for sponsorship, click here

To know about the changes to the eligibility criteria and EOI, please click here

Support Extended by the New Zealand Government

The government has decided to –

  • Waive the immigration fees
  • Not require applicants to submit police or medical certificates
  • Not require English language tests
  • Not require visa applicants to have access to funds

Besides the above, children under 16 years of age travelling with a single parent must include custody arrangement-related information along with the application.

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