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Advisory for Student Visa Holders in New Zealand

Advisory for Student Visa

Please be advised that most students who had come to New Zealand on Two Year Diploma, and are filing ONSHORE second year student visa, are being questioned by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) on the evidence of funds, which they are providing in context of the commitment that they had earlier given with their OFFSHORE student visa applications.

It is for your information that based on the information submitted by the student applicant in his offshore student visa application, INZ now needs to be satisfied that the applicant holds/has held satisfactory funds for maintenance and outward travel at all times during the currency of his current visa, and has not breached the conditions of his current visa.

INZ is concerned that the student visa holder who was granted his student visa for New Zealand under the Funds Transfer Scheme (FTS), no more has these funds available to him, wherein they still should be available to him in the proportion that they should be, as at that time they were considered satisfactory for a study of two years.

INZ, therefore, needs to be given evidence for onshore applications also, that these funds, which were previously shown were genuinely available to the applicant during his period of study in New Zealand and/or used for the purpose of the applicant’s maintenance while he was residing in New Zealand.

INZ also needs to be explained that why after one year of study, the applicant is now evidencing his/her funds by way of sponsorship from ABCD.

Additional Documents That May Be Asked For by INZ

  • Bank statements showing transactions for all of the applicant’s New Zealand accounts from his first arrival in New Zealand until today.
  • Evidence of any international transfers that may have been made.
  • If the applicant is employed in New Zealand, information about his employment, including salary or hourly rate.
  • An IRD certificate of earnings for the period from beginning work in New Zealand until today.
  • Evidence of the relationship between the applicant and his sponsor ABCD.

Implications of Not Providing the Above

INZ may DECLINE to grant you a visa or you may become liable for DEPORTATION.


Always use the funds that you had shown with your first year student visa file when it was lodged offshore, for the purpose they were meant for.
Do not breach your visa conditions at any point in time.
Take immigration advice from a person who is either authorized or exempt.
Make sure you are always aware of the documents,which were submitted with your file at the time of lodgment, whether it is offshore or in New Zealand.

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