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AEWV – Can Employment Details be Different from the One Approved in Job Check?

AEWV - Can Employment Details be Different from the One Approved in the Job Check?

What is a Job Check

A Job Check is the second step in the Accredited Employer Work Visa process. This step is done to ensure that no suitable New Zealanders are available or trainable to do the job advertised before it is offered to someone overseas and to support local employment opportunities.

If employment details are slightly different from the approved Job Check

A frequently asked question to us by New Zealand employers and migrant employees is, ‘What happens if the employment details are similar or more favourable but not the same as those approved in the Job Check?’ For example, what is the remuneration range is slightly higher than proposed?

The uncertainty arises because, according to immigration instructions, the employment offered must be the same as those approved in the job check by Immigration New Zealand (INZ). For remuneration, this must be within the range approved at the job check. However, INZ will consider all of the circumstances of the application during the assessment.

The job description, which is part of the employment agreement, must also be cross-checked with the one approved as part of the Job Check. You must also confirm details of your relevant qualification if required for your job and specified by your employer in the job check.

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