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AEWV: Employers Road to Successful Advertising

Employers Road to Successful Advertising

To hire a migrant worker, a New Zealand employer must get an approved job check from Immigration New Zealand (INZ). An essential part of applying for a job check is the need to advertise available jobs nationally to establish whether any New Zealand workers are available. Examples of job listing websites are SEEK jobs, Trade Me Jobs, MyJobSpace, etc. However, advertising is not required if the job pays at least 200% of the median wage or is on the green list of occupations.

The job advertisement needs to run for at least 14 calendar days and close no later than 90 days before you apply for the job check. New Zealand employers/HR Managers/Recruiters must take note that INZ requires the following in the job advertisements:

  • Job title with a brief explanation of the job offered
  • Job description with key tasks and responsibility
  • Max and Min salary range based on market rate
  • Min guaranteed hours of work per week
  • Number of positions of the job offered
  • Qualification/Skills/Experience needed
  • Employment type
    • (permanent/temporary/fixed term)
  • Town/city /region of the workplace
  • Any other job prerequisites

Multiple vacancies for one job can be included in the same advertisement (if the details are the same) and later submitted as part of one job check application, for example, six machinists in a factory.

Potential Pitfalls in the Job Advertisement

Employment Salary: You must mention the minimum and maximum rates of salary. Ensure that the range included in your job advertisement covers any remuneration threshold you may need to meet at the job check and in AEWV applications. Also, be aware that if you want to recruit a migrant worker, the pay you offer them cannot be higher than the pay you include in the job advertisement. The minimum and maximum rate of pay or salary should be at the market rate and span any applicable wage threshold for hiring a migrant worker into the role. In most cases, a migrant must be paid at least the median wage ($27.76 per hour)

Salary Variation: Include estimated actual earnings where a significant portion of actual earnings are not guaranteed, for example, what piece rates or commission rates are, or what average bonuses are. While these are to be included in the advertisement, do not use earnings that aren’t guaranteed to meet pay thresholds.

Job Prerequisites: Only specify the qualifications, skills and experience required for this job. Don’t enter these as a requirement if they are not needed to do this job. Take care to only include what is necessary to do the specific job on offer.

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