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AEWV: Roles Exempt from Median Wage Threshold

AEWV: Roles Exempt from Median Wage Threshold

Migrants paid less than the median wage of $27.76 per hour are not eligible to apply for the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) unless exempt.

However, if a New Zealand employer wants to hire migrants and the role is on the exempt list of Immigration New Zealand (INZ_ then the employer can pay less than the median wage to the employee. Although even when paying less than the median wage threshold employer must meet the following threshold in each of the respective workforce sectors:

  • The specific construction, infrastructure, tourism and hospitality jobs must pay at least NZD $25 an hour. These roles are only exempt from paying the median wage threshold until April 2023.
  • Specific jobs in the care workforce sector must pay at least NZD $25.39 an hour.

Employers must remember that the job check approval from INZ after the labour market check is still compulsory.

Stand Down Period

When a visa is granted in the above two circumstances, an AEWV holder can hold the AEWV for two years before completing a stand-down for 12 consecutive months outside New Zealand, when they can get another AEWV for two years. The employee then can apply for another visa for a job paid above the median wage without having to complete a stand-down period.

New Zealand employers are now beginning to see the merit in taking assistance from professionals like Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd to submit decision-ready applications to focus on their respective businesses.

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