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Be Aware – New Zealand (NZ) Ready is Evolving

New Zealand (NZ) Ready is Evolving

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has introduced NZ Ready.  You can use NZ Ready, a free online tool, to help you plan your move to New Zealand. It will make sure you know how things work in New Zealand and have a stress-free move.

If you have an account in the NZ Ready, INZ will send you an email with instructions on how to do things.

NZ Ready will ask a few questions about your situation, like if you have kids, and then automatically come up with a set of tasks that are relevant to you. It will also give you detailed information and links to trusted websites. It talks about things like health care, education, getting a job, and where to live in New Zealand.

INZ informed very recently that their webtool nzready.immigration.govt.nz is changing. They are making changes to the site, so users of the tool won’t have to use an email address to log in.

INZ will also ask for your permission to move the data in your NZ Ready account over to the new account. What you choose to do and what you do with your tools, as well as your reminders, are all part of this. IN this case, if you don’t want them to move your data, they will delete it for good.

INZ has confirmed that a real email was sent out on Thursday, 10th March 2022, to people who used the NZ Ready site. The email asked permission from people who already use the NZ Ready website so that their settings could be moved into an upgraded version of the site that will be live in May. A record of their progress will be kept for people who have given their permission.

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