Entrepreneur Resident Visa

What is an Entrepreneur Resident Visa?

An entrepreneur resident visa lets you live in New Zealand on a permanent basis.Entrepreneur Resident Visa You will need to already be in New Zealand on another visa that allows you to be self-employed before you can apply for this one. If you do qualify, you can include your partner and your children on your application.

There are two main paths to potentially qualify for the entrepreneur resident visa:

  • Option 1 – this option applies if you have operated your business in New Zealand for at least two years. There are no other requirements in relation to the business so it is often the easiest route to follow.
  • Option 2 – this option lets you apply for an entrepreneur resident visa after operating your business in New Zealand for just six months. This option is, therefore, the fastest route. However, you must have created three new jobs (those jobs must be in New Zealand) and you must have invested at least NZ $500,000 into your business.

Making Your Application

At Immigration Advisers New Zealand, we can help give you guidance on applying for an entrepreneur resident visa, or we can handle the application process for you. To find out more about how we can help please call us today on 09 3790219.