Global Impact Visa

What is a Global Impact Visa?

A Global Impact Visa is a unique type of visa open to a particular group of people – Global Impact Visainvestors and entrepreneurs who want to come to New Zealand to start or help innovation-based businesses that have substantial potential. It is a visa that is initially granted for 36 months, but can lead to permanent residence.

Global Impact Visas exist because of a partnership between the Edmund Hillary Fellowship and Immigration New Zealand. The Edmund Hillary Fellowship is an organisation that promotes New Zealand entrepreneurs working in ventures that will have a significant impact both here and across the globe. The Hillary Institute for International Leadership and Kiwi Connect are both involved in the Edmund Hillary Fellowship.

How Do You Apply for a Global Impact Visa?

There are two stages to applying for a Global Impact Visa. The first stage is to become a member of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship. You will have to make an application and only 100 places are granted each year. Membership does, however, bring a number of benefits, including access to support from a wide range of individuals and organisations. In return you must be an active entrepreneur working on or investing in high-impact ventures.

Once accepted into the Edmund Hillary Fellowship you can apply to Immigration New Zealand for a Global Impact Visa. It is a three year visa but after 30 months you can apply for permanent residence, providing you have remained a member of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship for that period of time.

To find out more about the Global Impact Visa programme and whether you might be eligible, please contact Immigration Advisers New Zealand today. Call 09 3790219.