Investor 2 Resident Visa

What is an Investor 2 Resident Visa?

An investor 2 resident visa is the second type of investor visa available in New Zealand. It differs from the investor 1 resident visa in a number of ways. In particular, you don’t need as much money to invest but there are more requirements that you have to meet.

Even though the amount of money you have to invest is lower with this investor visa, it is still substantial – NZ $3.0 million. However,If you invest a minimum of NZ$1.5 million in growth investments you will be eligible to qualify for a reduction of NZ$ 0.5 million of the investment amount.The other main requirement is that you need to be an experienced business person, by way of having at least three years of recognised business experience.

In addition, the application process is slightly different than with other visas. The first step is to send Immigration New Zealand an expression of interest that details your business experience and what you plan to invest in. This is then assessed and, if successful, you will receive an invitation to apply for the visa.

Other Things You Need to Know

  • The assessment is completed by the immigration authorities using a points system
  • You have to be 65 or younger
  • If you are invited to apply, you can include your partner and children on the application
  • Once you receive your invitation, you have four months to make your application
  • You will have to transfer and invest nominated funds within twelve months after getting Approval in Principal (AIP)
  • You may wish to come to New Zealand to check out investment opportunities before you transfer your funds

Get the Right Advice

If you are considering applying for an investor 2 resident visa and you need help or advice, please contact us. Call Immigration Advisers New Zealand on 09 3790219