Temporary retirement Visitors Visa

Temporary Retirement Visitor Visa

A Temporary Retirement Visitor Visa allows you to stay in New Zealand for two years rather than the three months that is allowed on a standard visitor visa. It is only for people who are aged 66 or over. You can’t bring dependent children with you although you can include your partner on your application.

In addition, you must meet the investment and financial requirements to qualify for this visa. This means you must have a yearly income of at least NZ $60,000 in addition to NZ $500,000 to live on – you have to be able to prove both. You also have to invest at least NZ $750,000 in New Zealand for the two year period of your visa. The investments you make must qualify as acceptable investments.

Acceptable Investments

  • Must have the potential to make a return and can’t be for your personal use (such as buying a home)
  • Must be in New Zealand, be in NZ dollars, and have the potential to contribute to the economy
  • Can be a qualifying New Zealand bond, i.e. one issued by the government, a local authority, a company trading on the NZDX, a company with a BBB credit rating, a NZ bank, or a NZ finance company
  • Can be shares in a public or private company or a NZ bank
  • Can be a residential development
  • Can be in eligible venture capital funds

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