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Approval Of Section 61 Request By Immigration New Zealand

Name : Rahat

Nationality : Indian

Problem : Procedural lapse by the staff of education provider

Category : Section 61 Request

Rahat arrived in New Zealand to pursue his higher education. Upon completing his level 8 qualification, he enrolled at one of the New Zealand education providers to do a Master’s degree. He even got cross credits based on his previous qualification. He was pleased as being eligible for cross credits meant he had saved money and time both.

He was told at the time of applying that he had to take one of the four compulsory subjects. However, he was surprised when he was compelled to enrol in different subjects to those that were initially promised to him.

He made many attempts to convey to the relevant authorities in the college that he was enrolled in the wrong subjects and also sent numerous emails in this regard. However, all his requests went in vain. As time passed, he was left with no option but to study the subjects chosen for him by the education provider.

He had all but given up when he received a mail from the education provider that they were ready to consider his request. Although his efforts yielded a positive outcome and he received confirmation from the college admitting the error made by them, they had taken too much time in doing so. Unfortunately, by the time he received this information, his visa had expired.

He came to Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd with lost hope, not knowing what his future held for him. He was unlawful in New Zealand, albeit unintentionally and had no right to remain in New Zealand. Vandana Rai, Senior Licensed Immigration Adviser who met him, understood the gravity of his situation and his desperation to make his stay lawful. She along with her highly experienced team, presented his case for the consideration of the Immigration New Zealand Section 61 Request team with all the relevant facts.

All communication between Rahat and the college was collected and collated. A large number of emails that were exchanged between the education provider and Rahat were perused and marked to be presented as part of the advocacy letter. The chronology of events was understood and issues highlighted which were required to be addressed to Immigration New Zealand by way of making a section 61 request.

Due to the strong advocacy put up by the team of Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd Rahat’s Section 61 Request was accepted by the Immigration New Zealand.

The positive outcome of the Section 61 Request, highlighted the importance of strong advocacy duly supported by irrefutable documentary evidence. It was another success for IANZ Ltd. Through hard work; the team managed to ensure that Rahat’s future was safe and that he was not deprived of realizing his long term goal in New Zealand.

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