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Breach Of Work Rights While On Student Visa

Name : Thanisha

Nationality : Sri Lanka

Problem : Breach of visa conditions

Category : PPI Response

Thanisha arrived in New Zealand from Sri Lanka as an international student on a first-time student visa to pursue her chosen course.

Although she became eligible for her Post Study Work Visa after completing her course, she wanted to upskill herself further. Accordingly, she decided to enrol herself for another course.

However, while applying for her second student visa, she committed the mistake of not giving her application and supporting documents the required time and seriousness. Immigration New Zealand (INZ) as any experienced Licensed Immigration Adviser (LIA) would convey treats each application on its merit.

Once INZ case officer assessed her application, there were huge concerns identified relating to the breach of visa conditions. She accordingly received a Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI) letter from the INZ. The PPI highlighted and mentioned the concerns that were likely to negatively affect the outcome of her visa application.

The concern related to the fact that Thanisha had violated her work rights during the time she was on her student visa.

This PPI was wholly unexpected and put the entire future of Thanisha in the dark. All her time, energy and money seem to have been in vain. She realised that she required the expert advice of an experienced Licensed Immigration Adviser.

Thanisha was a follower of the Facebook Page of Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd, and she immediately thought of them and their senior Licensed Immigration Adviser Vandana Rai.

When she spoke to Vandana she immediately realised that she was in good hands. Vandana put Thanisha at ease and spoke to her at length on the circumstances that led to PPI. After that, Vandana gathered all relevant information and carefully scrutinised Thanisha’s bank statements, pay slips and other financial records. Once Vandana and her team had thoroughly examined all available information and supporting documents, they realised that the error was in the employer’s accounting system and conveyed the same to INZ.

As a result of the hard work done by Vandana Rai and her team, Thanisha received her student visa without any further complications, and she is currently well and truly on her way pathway to residency by way of her decision to upskill herself. Her dreams are now a reality, thanks to the great work done by Vandana and her team.

Disclaimer: Names of the client has been changed to protect their privacy.

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