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Grant Of Character Waiver Request. Granted

Name : Vishwajeet

Nationality : India

Problem : Drunken driving and misinterpretation of immigration instructions

Category : Character Waiver Request

This case required in-depth knowledge and correct interpretation of New Zealand Immigration Instructions and Immigration Law in order to get a character waiver request approved.

Vishwajeetisan Indian national who during his stay in New Zealand was once caught for drunk driving. At that stage, he took the incident lightly, only to know later that it was a big mistake from the point of view of Immigration New Zealand. Thus, when he applied for his work visa, he promptly received a PPI letter from immigration.

The PPI letter highlighted the issue of drunk driving and put a character concern against him. He was told that without the grant of a character waiver, his visa could not be approved.
Vishwajeet now understood the gravity of the matter and got into panic mode frantically thinking what to do next, who to approach and what were the options available to him. His decision to share his circumstances with his friends further put him in despair and left him with extreme stress.

As he was searching for a solution to his predicament, he learned about Himanshu Rai through Google. He was impressed by the online reviews and professional background of the Licensed Immigration Adviser. Himanshu indeed proved to be his savior. Within a few moments of his first meeting with Himanshu, Vishwajeet was relieved of his anxieties. The way he interacted with him convinced Vishwajeet that he was in good hands. His in-depth knowledge about immigration persuaded him and convinced him that his case would surely be handled in a most competent and skilled manner.

Himanshuassessed the matter and asked Vishwajeet to give all the relevant documents needed for his character waiver request. He discussed with Vishwajeet and requested documents that Vishwajeet had no idea would be useful in advocating for his character waiver request e.g. his day-to-day commuting details after the incident, his self-imposed restrictions, and support letters from his friends and colleagues.

The case was well advocated and effectively presented,which gave Immigration New Zealand a different perspective about the surrounding circumstances of the client. Hence due to Himanshu’scompetence, skills and sincere efforts, Vishwajeet was granted his character waiver request, which turns got him his much-awaited visa approval.

Vishwajeet is currently working with a high-profile multinational company and is planning to apply for his residency very soon.

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