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Course changed from higher level to lower level

Name : Sylvia D’Cruz

Nationality : Indian

Problem : Immigration Concerns On Change Of Course Level And Type

Category : Student Visa

Sylvia D’Cruz is from India. She belongs to an exceptionally well to do family who wanted her to pursue her higher education by doing top-level courses. Under parental pressure, she enrolled for a Master of Engineering Studies in New Zealand.

As engineering was neither her interest nor aptitude, she struggled with her studies. This misalignment resulted in her showing apparent poor academic progress. The associated stress then led to her having health issues.

Being an intelligent person, she started doing online research to find a solution and came across a video uploaded by our Senior Licensed Immigration Adviser, Vandana Rai. In the YouTube video, the adviser had talked about “How to become a registered teacher in New Zealand. The content of the video covered education pathways leading to “Teaching in NZ? 

Sylvia became very motivated by this video as she had always inspired to be a teacher. She had always secretly admired this profession. On sensing an opportunity to herself become a teacher, she thought she now had a purpose in life. She became interested in studying Early Childhood Education, but she was not sure if she can change her course from Engineering to Teaching.

When she contacted Immigration Advisers NZ Ltd., she was low on morale as her poor academic progress in the engineering course had tampered with her confidence and health. She, however scheduled an appointment with Senior Licensed Adviser Vandana Rai and met her to seek clarity and awareness.

During the meeting, Vandana explained all the requirements to apply for the course, alongside explaining the possible concerns an immigration officer may have in her application during the assessment. 

Vandana highlighted the concern that the immigration officer would have for discontinuing the qualification, which in her case was a Master’s degree. Likely concern could also be related to her proposed qualification not aligning with her previous studies or work apart from ongoing poor academic progress. In a combination of her circumstances, it was clear that a perception of her not being a genuine and bona fide student could have formed during the assessment of her application.

Sylvia was highly impressed with the way Vandana explained her everything upfront. She decided to place her career in the hands of Vandana based on her belief and confidence that Vandana and her team will be able to handle her case. Once it was done by signing the client agreement she was ready to make all the efforts required to successfully apply for the Teaching qualification.

It took a couple of months for Sylvia to prepare her documents as one of the entry requirements for the course was getting her previous qualification which she completed in India, to be assessed by New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA).

Vandana made every effort to prepare a decision ready onshore student visa application for Sylvia. She anticipated all the possible concerns and requested the necessary supporting documents to be submitted along with the application. Vandana also submitted a detailed cover letter and all the supporting documents when she submitted Sylvia’s onshore student visa application.

Based on the documents and the cover letter submitted, INZ approved the student visa of Sylvia to study Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Teaching Level 7 (ECE). Sylvia was excited and thrilled on receiving the good news and thanked Vandana and her team. It was yet another successful application in the credit score of Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd.

Sylvia has completed her studies this year and is currently on her Post Study Work Visa. She has already received her New Zealand Teacher’s registration. She is now eligible to apply for residence and is waiting for Immigration New Zealand to resume the selection of Expression of Interests (EOI’s).

The Moral of the Story: The students in New Zealand must obtain immigration advice from an experienced and competent Licensed Immigration Adviser. If you are unsure of your current studies, looking for a change in qualification or level of study, looking to change your education provider feel free to email Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd at [email protected] or call on +64 09 3790219.

(The name of the client has been changed to protect their privacy)

Disclaimer: This article does not constitute immigration advice. Individuals need to seek personal advice from a licensed immigration adviser or lawyer to assess their unique situation.

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