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Critical purpose To Enter New Zealand During Border Closure

Name : Parminder Singh

Nationality : Indian

Problem : Critical purpose to enter New Zealand during border closure

Category : Critical Purpose Visitor Visa

Manpreet Kaur is wife of Parminder Singh and is a work visa holder based in New Zealand. She met with an accident and suffered trauma and concussion. Although she was not hospitalised, she needed help with her rehabilitation and recovery from the injuries. As she has no immediate family in New Zealand, the accident not only had a physical impact on Manpreet but also resulted in emotional and mental trauma. To recover mentally and physically, she needed her husband Parminder Singh to be in NZ to provide her with much-needed support.

Manpreet Kaur knew that due to the strict border exception criteria of Immigration New Zealand (INZ), getting a visa for the family member would be challenging. She started looking out for the best Licenced Immigration Adviser (LIA) who could solve her problem without any hassles. She got to know about Immigration Adviser New Zealand Ltd from one of our previous clients.

Manpreet immediately booked an appointment with our Senior LIA Vandana Rai and explained her situation. She also provided some medical documents. Vandana and her team consisting of another LIA Manmeet Singh Grover reviewed the documents.

Based on the initial review, additional documents were requested to fully understand Manpreet’s medical condition in order to determine if it would warrant a border exception for her husband. The threshold for border exception under the humanitarian category is very high and INZ requires detailed information and documents to determine if a border exception is warranted. Our experienced licensed immigration advisers were able to guide Manpreet in obtaining the relevant medical documents to support her case.

Based on all the evidence and information collected a detailed border exception request was submitted with all the necessary information. It is important to note that the INZ website only provides limited space to explain the circumstances and there is no provision to upload the documents. This is where the skills and competency of an adviser come into the picture. Based on the initial information submitted, INZ requested the documentary evidence of Manpreet’s medical condition and the same was provided.

INZ was satisfied with the information and evidence submitted and invited Parminder to apply for a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa (CPVV). The CPVV application was lodged along with all the detailed    documentary evidence and relevant information in support of Manpreet’s condition along with other evidence as required by the immigration instructions.
Parminder’s visa has been approved and he is arranging to travel to New Zealand to be with his wife Manpreet Kaur. Manpreet is eagerly awaiting his arrival in New Zealand. We wish Manpreet a speedy recovery and hope that Parminder’s arrival will provide her with much needed emotional support for her wellbeing.

(The names of clients have been changed to protect their privacy.)


This article does not constitute immigration advice. Individuals need to seek personal advice from a Licensed Immigration Adviser or lawyer to assess their unique situation.

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