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Culturally Arranged Marriage Visa Challenges Faced Due To Pandemic

Name : Barun and Lakshi

Nationality : India

Problem : Culturally Arranged Marriage Visa Challenges Faced Due To Pandemic

Category : Partnership Based Visa

Barun is a New Zealand Resident and is currently working as a male nurse. He is now married to Lakshi.

Barun and Lakshi were introduced to each other by their respective families in 2019. They got married in India according to their traditions and customs in November 2020.

After marriage, the couple decided to move to New Zealand as Barun could not take long leave due to the shortage of nurses in New Zealand and their workload. Since his profession falls under the critical purpose category, Barun knew that he could take his wife along, so he applied for a partnership based visa in December 2020, after a month of getting married.

The applicant later changed this visa category to a Critical Purpose Visitor Visa (CPVV) as per the Immigration New Zealand (INZ) contact centre suggestion.

Soon after that, their visa was declined by INZ, saying that they aren’t satisfied with their living together evidence provided. Barun was left wondering about the reasons for the decline. He was unable to comprehend the logic behind the decision of INZ case officer. He was heartbroken and had no choice but to return to New Zealand without his wife. Once he was in New Zealand, he started searching for an experienced and reputed Licensed Immigration Adviser who could guide and advise him and his wife Lakshi.

While looking for the best immigration advisor, he came across Immigration Advisers New Zealand Limited (IANZ). He was impressed by the positive reviews from customer’s testimonials or customer’s reviews on google.

After reading all the reviews, he decided to write an e-mail to IANZ to get the best immigration advice and visa option for Lakshi. He received a response from the IANZ team on the same day. Team IANZ scheduled a zoom meeting for the couple with the Senior Licensed Immigration Adviser Vandana Rai. She explained the reasons for the previous decline and gave out the possible visa options for Lakshi.

Vandana explained to the couple about the immigration instructions related to a partnership-based visa under the Culturally Arranged Visa category. This concept was alien to the couple, but Vandana, an expert in partnership-based visa categories, patiently explained the supporting documents required and the visa application process requirements.

Immediately after hearing Vandana Rai, Barun and Lakshi realised that their future was safely into experienced hands and decided to seek her assistance with their visa application. They signed the client contract and asked her to represent Lakshi’s application in INZ.

After that, Vandana and her team handled every aspect of the new visa application promptly and efficiently. The client communication was quick and precise, and the team at IANZ was always available to clarify any doubts.

Vandana explained to the couple that Lakshi must lodge her visa application within three months. Also, the couple should provide evidence to show their marriage was arranged by a third party which is one of the primary requirement to apply under the said category.

Barun faced few difficulties as he created his matrimonial account as his mother was not familiar with using the computer and internet. Barun worried whether this would cause a potential concern with his application and decided to speak to Vandana.

Vandana and her team guided Barun regarding all documents he could provide to prove that a third party arranged the marriage. After getting undivided personal attention and help in smoothly navigating the complex immigration situation, Barun is extremely pleased about his decision to obtain Vandana’s assistance with Lakshi’s visa application.

With the help of IANZ team, the couple managed to provide all documents to satisfy the INZ that their marriage followed the identified and accepted cultural tradition.

In addition, Vandana provided a detailed cover letter anticipating and addressing all potential concerns INZ may have. The hard work of Vandana and her team paid off, and it was another success story for IANZ as INZ approved Lakshi’s visa.

Moral of the story:

Immigration is an ever-changing legal arena. Our office is acutely aware of the requirement to be abreast with new immigration policies and instructions. This commitment to the knowledge of the latest immigration updates enables us to offer our clientele correct legal representation.

At IANZ, we make sure that our customer leaves satisfied because excellent service is the foundation of a sustainable business. We are always ready to handle the curveballs.

“Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”

(Name of the client has been changed to protect their privacy)

Disclaimer: This article does not constitute immigration advice. Individuals need to seek personal advice from a licensed immigration adviser or lawyer to assess their unique situation.

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