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Grant of Employer Assisted Work Visa

Name : Simran Kaur

Nationality : India

Problem : Employer not found compliant, and job not found sustainable

Category : Employer Assisted Work Visa

My name is Simran Kaur from India, and I came to study, work and live in New Zealand in 2016. I completed my Level 7 Diploma and after availing of my Post Study Work Visa (Open), decided to apply for Post Study Work Visa (Employer Assisted), I did not know that it would be so difficult, because I got a concern letter from Immigration New Zealand (INZ), which had multiple concerns on my application.

In the concern letter that I received, INZ among others had demanded sustainability and compliance evidence along with justification from my employer. In addition, they also had concerns with my qualifications not matching the job of Assistant Manager. The immigration also had issues with my company being new. INZ asked me so many documents like monthly schedules, GST returns, Rosters, bank statements, accounts, etc. in addition to what I had already submitted.

I was so afraid that I thought of returning home to India. But Vandana Rai assured me that she would try her best and assist me in explaining my surrounding circumstances duly supported by documentary evidences as relevant to each of the concern raised so that INZ would be satisfied. When I gave her the documents, she gave me time and read them carefully. Once she had scrutinised all my documents she assured me that I had a good probability of being able to mitigate the concerns of INZ. She systematically arranged and explained all the documents that I had provided, and presented my case in the most professional manner.

She wrote to immigration about my company’s sustainability and other issues which immigration wanted duly supported by documents. While I was waiting for the decision, I was very anxious and stressed but Vandana always provided me with assurance and confidence.

It took her many days and several correspondences with immigration but finally, Vandana indeed got my visa. I strongly recommend all the visa aspirants to visit her and look for yourself how reliable, professional and ethical are her services.

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