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Family Unable to Enter NZ Due to Border Restrictions, Reunited by Successful Advocacy and Approval of Border Exception Request.

Name : Sneha

Nationality : India

Problem : High threshold by INZ for granting border exemption

Category : Critical Purpose Visa

In February 2020, Sneha and her children were granted partner of a student visa and dependent children visa respectively to travel and enter New Zealand to join Sumit (husband and father), who was in NZ on a student visa. However, by the time they could make the travel arrangements, the border was closed, and they could not fly to New Zealand. Their visas were valid until 31 August 2021.

When the New Zealand government announced the new border exception criteria in April 2021 for people still holding valid visas, Sneha and Sumit saw a ray of hope. Sumit, meanwhile, had completed his course and was granted a post-study work visa in early August 2021. Sumit contacted a few immigration advisers and even the immigration contact centre to confirm if his wife and children were eligible for a border exception. Unfortunately, they all conveyed that his family was not eligible.

Sumit was not convinced and kept searching for information and advisers to guide him correctly but in vain. Luckily, he came across a Facebook video of our Senior Licenced Immigration Adviser, Vandana Rai, where she spoke about the border exception criteria. So he reached out to her on 26 August 2021. She reviewed all the information and documentation to determine the eligibility for his family. She assessed the family as eligible, spoke to the applicant and quickly organised everything to lodge the border exception request as the family only had time till 31 August 2021 to lodge the request; otherwise, they would not have been eligible.

The border exception request was lodged on 27 August 2021, got approved on 30 August 2021, and Immigration New Zealand (INZ) issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA). Sumit and Sneha were glad that they contacted Vandana in time for the application process. Their application was lodged on 10 September 2021, and the visas were approved on 06 October 2021. Sneha is now making arrangements to travel to New Zealand.

This shows how important it is to choose an adviser who is well versed with the immigration instructions and requirements, especially the ones for border exceptions. These requirements are updated regularly, and an experienced licensed adviser always remains abreast of these changes. Also, when warranted, timely and prompt action can be the difference between a decline and an approval. Had Sumit not contacted Vandana Rai and got her expert advice, his family would have been stranded overseas until next year.

Sumit is eagerly awaiting his family’s arrival in New Zealand, and we wish the family the very best for their future.

(Name of the client has been changed to protect their privacy)



This article does not constitute immigration advice. Individuals need to seek personal advice from a licensed immigration adviser or lawyer to assess their unique situation.

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