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Importance of Explaining Adverse Immigration History to INZ By An Applicant Upfront

Name : Yakubu Abacha

Nationality : Nigeria

Problem : Adverse Immigration History and Associated Concerns

Category : Adverse Immigration History

Yakubu is a Nigerian national, and he approached Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd through Google. He approached us to apply for a critical purpose visitor visa, which if granted, would make him eligible for Registration with New Zealand Nursing Council (NZNC) as a Registered Nurse.

Yakubu was at that time doing his PhD in China and was on a scholarship. Although he seemed a genuine applicant at face value, our internal processes ensured that all aspect of his profile was looked at closely and verified by supporting documents.

On deep diving into his profile, we noticed that he had an adverse immigration history, which consisted of multiple previous declines from other developed countries.

From previous experience, our vastly experienced team of Licensed Immigration Advisers could ascertain that his adverse immigration history would invite concern from the assessing visa officer of Immigration New Zealand (INZ) at the processing stage.
More importantly, he was offshore. Hence, INZ was not obligated to request further information or issue a Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI) letter to mitigate any concern that they might have had.

The case was prepared by Senior Licensed Immigration Adviser Vandana Rai and her team. It was presented in a very deliberate manner to INZ, along with strong advocacy supported by credible and verifiable documents. Considering the submitted documents, INZ requested some additional information. Although it seemed a simple request, our team took no chances and a comprehensive and exhaustive trail of communication was submitted due to our expertise in such matters.

We correctly anticipated the potential concerns at the initial stages itself and took measures to mitigate them. Due to our robust internal processes, we undertook a careful examination of the Request for Information by INZ. As a result, several concerns were identified around his past declines, bona fides, reasons for leaving his PhD unfinished, his incentives to return, etc.

After several in-depth deliberations and scrutiny of the evidence, a response was made, got approved from the client and submitted. The outcome was very satisfying as within a day, his visa was approved.

After we broke the good news, Yakubu was over the moon with excitement and happiness. According to him, this positive decision would change his life forever. Our team of Licensed Immigration Advisers fulfilled his long-standing dream of pursuing his passion in a western setting. Team Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd wish him all the best for a great future ahead.

Disclaimer: Names of the client has been changed to protect their privacy.

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