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Job Suitability Related To Overseas Qualification And Work Experience

Name : Maria Rose

Nationality : Italy

Problem : Job suitability and inadequate labour market test

Category : Work visa – Essential Skills

Maria is a talented hairdresser from France. She came to New Zealand on Working Holiday Visa (WHV) and liked the country so much that she wanted to extend her stay and explore her options, including staying permanently.

As her WHV was coming to an end, she got a job offer as a hairdresser in a renowned Salon in New Zealand. She quickly completed the visa documentation and lodged her visa application with her employer’s assistance.

Unfortunately, she did not know that there was more to it, including the complicated assessment criteria around the overseas qualification and work experience. So when her visa was declined, she did not know what to do.

How did Immigration Advisers NZ Ltd tackle the situation?

Someone suggested Maria to hire an experienced Licensed Immigration Adviser. So she started looking for immigration advisers on Google. After reading multiple good reviews about Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd, she booked an appointment with our senior Licensed Immigration Adviser, Vandana Rai, New Zealand’s top immigration adviser.

Having years of experience in the immigration field, Vandana Rai immediately realized that INZ had incorrectly assessed Maria’s application. Undue weightage was given to past advertisements and employers’ ongoing social media attempts to find a suitable candidate. Moreover, there were questions asked around testing her competency in the hairdresser’s role.

Without wasting any time, Vandana Rai began preparing for a reconsideration request. Vandana addressed minute details like how the employer had assessed Maria’s hairdressing skills. A strong case was made for Maria, and she responded to each reason for decline with conclusive evidence.


Due to the detailed explanation and evidence provided, INZ approved Maria’s reconsideration request, and she was granted a 3-year work visa. Maria was delighted and thankful to team IANZ.

Immigration instructions may seem simple at face value; however, there is an in-depth complexity that requires a proper understanding and interpretation of the instructions. Maria was happy to have availed of the services of such an experienced immigration adviser like Vandana Rai.
(Name of the client has been changed to protect their privacy)


This article does not constitute immigration advice. Individuals need to seek personal advice from a licensed immigration adviser or lawyer to assess their unique situation.

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