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Grant of Partnership Based Work Visa

Name : Hansraj and Malini

Nationality : India

Problem : Lack of living together evidence due to living in separate cities

Category : Partnership Based Work Visa

Hansraj hadbeen in New Zealand for six years after having first come here on a student visa. He thereafter continued to stayin New Zealandfirst on Post Study Work Visa(Open),and then on Post Study Work Visa Employer Assisted) before finally applying and getting his Essential Skills Work Visa.

He was working hard and trying to make a good career for himself.During his stay, he also got married back home and his wife joined him here last year.Everything was going well until last year when he lost his job. Things started getting worse as time went past, and despite him trying his best to get another job, he was unsuccessful in doing so. Hence, withouta job and any earnings to support, he was forced to take assistance from his family back home as he had himself and his wife to look after.

He then decided to request his wife to apply for a Student Visa, however he knew that considering his complicated circumstances, there would most likely be concerns from Immigration New Zealand.Therefore, he researched for a good Licensed Immigration Adviser and came across Vandana Rai’s profile. The 4.9 star rating coupled with excellent reviews on Google and Facebook for handling such such complex cases prompted him to establish contact with Vandana.

Vandana gathered information regarding surrounding circumstances of the couple, and specifically the student applicant, and advised to proceed further with Malini’s academic aspirations. All the documents were then obtained, and Malini applied for her student visa.

On having lodged the Student Visa, Hansraj too based on the professional immigration advice of Vandana lodged his Partnership based work visa application. It was a foregone conclusion that immigration would raise serious concerns about their situation. A myriad of concerns related tonot meeting eligibility criteria , genuineness of relationship, not having enough living together prrofs, stability of relationship, bona fides, solo offshore visits, IRDentries, employmentbackground, etc. were raised.

After seeing the PPI letter, Hansraj and his wife became very nervous. They lost all hope and started think about going back to India. But Vandana advised them to keep their spirits high and asked for the evidences to mitigate the concerns of Immigration New Zealand. She was very meticulous in her approach and advised them on what evidences to provide in support of their claims. She did not leave anything to chanceand asked them to submit even the smallest piece of evidence e.g. shopping receipt, utility bills, transportation details etc. She interviewed them again and came up with many aspects, which even the couple could not have thought of. She covered each and every concern, and mitigated them in a methodical manner duly supported by documentary evidence.

Eventually, the great news of their visa approval came, and the couplewasoverwhelmed with joy and happiness.
They are presently doing well for themselves. Malini is progressing well in her academic journey while Manraj has got another job. We wish them the best of the world.

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