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Being Unlawful to Resident Visa in Six Months

Name : Kalauni

Nationality : Samoa

Problem : Partnership based Residence visa declined rendering Kalauni unlawful

Category : Section 61 Request

Kalauni applied for her resident visa by herself, as she thought it would be easy and she was sure that she understood the requirements of Immigration New Zealand. However, things changed drastically when her application was returned by Immigration New Zealand due to failed lodgement, and meanwhile, her visa too expired rendering her unlawful.

As she was contemplating her next course of action, she was faced with the very real possibility of having to back to her home country without her partner, with an uncertain future.

Kalauni and her partner were lost, scared, and unsure of what future had in store for them. They did not have any clue on how to proceed further, and obviously, they did not want to live apart from each other.

It was then that they came across Vandana Rai’s profile on Google, and after doing their research realized that she was an experienced and a reputed Licensed Immigration Adviser based in Auckland, New Zealand. Her credentials and experience had earned her many good reviews, and Kalauni and her partner felt confident in approaching her.

Being unlawful gave Kalauni sleepless nights, as she thought that she would be deported, but Vandana after hearing her story, quickly made an assessment, checked the documents, and gave her the immigration advice that she needed.

Vandana first submitted her Section 61 Request in order to make Kalauni’s stay lawful and then advised her to gather supporting documents in anticipation of the Resident Visa, which she was planning to lodge thereafter.

Due to Vandana’s professional guidance, Kalauni got her Section 61 Request approved. Once the Section 61 request was approved Vandana quickly lodged Kalauni’s Resident Visa too. Although there were many additional documents that were required to make the case stronger and decision ready Kalauni provided all of those and ultimately got her residence Visa approved.

It took only six months from the time her Section 61 request was approved to the time her Resident visa was granted.

Today she is a confident resident of New Zealand, living happily with her partner. Immigration Advisers New Zealand wishes her all the very best in her life.

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