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Grant of Section 61 Request

Name : Luiz Gustavo

Nationality : Brazil

Problem : Breach of visa conditions while doing volunteer work on visitor visa

Category : Section 61 Request

My name is Luiz Gustavo,and I am from Brazil. I came to New Zealand on student visa in September 2016 to study English (Level 3). I am a doctor by profession. After I finished my English studies, I wanted to apply for a student visa but I came across a good opportunity to do some volunteer work, which I thought I should do to gain New Zealand work experience.

Therefore, I, myself, applied for a visitor visa to spend some time doing the volunteer work till my next study course started, I thought that this would be as easy as before. However, it wasn’t that easy as I got a letter from Immigration New Zealand (INZ) saying that they had concerns about my intentions and bonafides. I had difficulty in understanding the legalities due to my English language constraints. Although quite confused, I still wrote to them explaining my true intentions thinking that they would understand my view. I told immigration that if they have problem about my volunteer work, I could stop it.

To my shock, my visa was declined, and I was rendered unlawful in New Zealand.

I had nowhere to go and despite many visits to different lawyers and immigration advisers, I could not find help as everyone suggested me to return to my home country and apply from there. But my main reason to come here was to enhance my medicine career and I could not afford to go back to my country with nothing to show for my academic efforts.

It was then I went on Google search and tried to connect with good immigration advisers in Auckland ,and to my luck I found Vandana Rai and Himanshu Rai of Immigration Advisers NZ Ltd. When I visited Vandana Rai’s office at 20 Hobson Street, her composed personality comforted my apprehensions. She listened to my problems and showed me the way forward. Her simple, calm and confident personality assured me, gave me confidence and made me feel less stressed.

She took over my case and sought all the documents needed for my Section 61 request. She made a draft advocacy of my case read out to me, I was immediately confident and comforted that now immigration will understand my position. She scrutinised and analysed all my documents and assured me the high probability of a positive outcome.

And how right she was! My Section 61 request was granted by the Immigration new Zealand.

It was only due to her efforts, that I could be lawful again on my Student Visa. I am so happy with her services and would surely want anyone who is in difficult situation to visit her once. I assure you that all your problems will be taken care of in a highly reliable, professional, ethical and competent manner.

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