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Grant of Onshore Student Visa

Name : Simarjit

Nationality : India

Problem : Not being interpreted as genuine student due to poor academics and attendance record

Category : Section 61 Request

Simarjit Kaur, from Punjab, India was studying in New Zealand on a student visa. As the learning environment here was totally different from that of India, shefound it extremely hard to cope up with her studies.As a result, she failed in a few subjects. Her health also suffered due to the stress related issues, which affected her attendance. In addition to all of that certain other issues like lack of genuine funds, breaching of work rights, unexplained transactions she had made from her bank account and othersput her case in complicated case category.

Therefore, when she applied for her student visa extension to complete her course, as expected, she was given a PPI letter by Immigration New Zealand. It was a five page letter, which clearly accentuated the seriousness of her matter. There were so many issues with her application that whosoever she interacted with, asked her to return to India.She and her parents were very disheartened, as she faced a an uncertain future.At that stage, she herself thought that it was impossible for her to get her visa.

She had learnt about Vandana Rai from the success stories many of her fellow students had shared on Facebook and Google. Everyone had recommended that she is one person who is an expert at handling complicated cases. Therefore, as herlast resort, shetook an appointment withVandana Rai.After the first meeting itself, she became confident andassured that Vandana would be able to advocate her case in an effective and efficient manner, and Immigration New Zealand would be made aware of her side of the story as well.

It took Vandanaa lot of hard work, and several client interactionsbefore she finalizedher advocacy draft.She explained each pointin detail covering all the individual concerns that Immigration New Zealand had raised. After reading the draft, Simarjit was so happy that her point of view had been convincingly put on paper. It was a 10-page letter which effectively covered every single concern that Immigration New Zealand had raised in the PPI letter, and no point was left.

Finally, when she received the news of her visa approval, shecould not control her tears, and profusely Vandana Rai and her team for all that they had done for her in order to save her future in New Zealand.

Presently, she is studying her course and is on the verge of completing her qualification. We wish her all the best for her future endeavours.

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