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Three Years Work Visa For Domestic Violence Victim

Name : Salma Suleyman

Nationality : Indian

Problem : Work Visa For Domestic Violence Victim

Category : Essential Skills Work Visa

Salma was in her early twenties when her parents got her married to a New Zealand resident visa holder according to the cultural norms in India. Soon after marriage, she got pregnant. Salma, sacrificed her education and career to be a stay-at-home mother. She came to New Zealand with her husband and child in 2017 on a partnership-based work visa.

Salma had always dreamed about a ‘happily ever after’ marriage. However, things took a turn for the worse when she faced domestic violence at the hands of her husband and in-laws shortly after arriving in New Zealand. Salma then chose to leave her husband and home for the safety of herself and their child. She did not have sufficient money to survive for long in New Zealand and was worried about herself and her child’s future. Salma did not know many people in New Zealand, did not know who she could trust and was too scared to go to the police. She managed to find a room for shelter until she found a way out of her devastating and scary situation. All alone in a foreign country, Salma was determined to survive for the sake of her child.

Salma knew she could not depend on her husband any longer and had to find a way out of this mess. Browsing the internet, she came across Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd website. Immediately she booked an appointment with them and met Senior Licensed Advisers Vandana Rai and Himanshu Rai at their office. She found both Himanshu and Vandana to be very genuine, kind, and considerate. So she felt safe talking to them.

Vandana and Himanshu Rai assured her that things would get better and provided her with details of all possible visa options. Seeing the situation Salma was in, they encouraged her to apply for jobs and, at the same time, provided her with some course options for her studies. Fortunately, Salma managed to secure a job within a couple of weeks. Thereafter, the process of applying for an Essential Skills Work visa started. Himanshu anticipated all possible concerns raised by Immigration New Zealand and submitted sufficient documents to alleviate all possible concerns.

Himanshu and his team regularly updated Salma on the progress of her application. As a result, she no longer felt helpless and alone as the IANZ team was there to support her.

Salma was overjoyed when she heard that she was granted a three-year Essential Skills work visa. She is pleased with her decision to seek assistance from IANZ Ltd.


It may be easy to find a Licensed Immigration Adviser to assist with a visa application. However, it is next to impossible to find someone who is compassionate, experienced and competent to assist you with your visa application and at the same time able to understand and support you emotionally. If you face a similar situation or need assistance with your visa application, feel free to email Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd. at [email protected] or call +64 09 3790219.

(Name of the client has been changed to protect their privacy)


This article does not constitute immigration advice. Individuals need to seek personal advice from a licensed immigration adviser or lawyer to assess their unique situation.

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