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Undeclared Immigration History in Work Visa Application

Name : Jacy Clark

Nationality : USA

Problem : Undeclared Immigration History in Work Visa Application

Category : Character Waiver

Jacy admitted that it was a grave mistake on his part, even though it happened in his early 20’s. It was an isolated incident that had occurred due to his poor judgment at that particular moment. Since then, he has come a long way. He has taken all possible steps to avoid a similar situation. He has not committed any other offence since that incident.

Jacy believed that he had left the conviction in the past and had moved on in life. He had disclosed the drunk driving conviction when he applied for the WHV and had not withheld any material information from INZ. He thought the worst was behind him as he was successfully granted a WHV.

When the PPI came, Jacy did not know how to respond to INZ, how to prove that he deserved a character waiver, what evidence he should submit to receive a favourable response. Upon receiving the PPI, he immediately contacted Senior Licensed Immigration Adviser Himanshu Rai, who calmly explained what needs to be done. Jacy received an email from Himanshu within minutes explaining the documentary evidence that needed to be submitted with a character waiver request.

Jacy knew he was in good hands and that he could trust the expertise and capability of Himanshu and his team. Jacy only had to provide the documents requested, and the rest was left in the capable hands of Himanshu, who submitted a character waiver request to INZ. As a result of the hard work done by Himanshu and his team, Jacy not only received a character waiver, but he was also granted a work visa valid for three years.

The success story of Jacy reiterates the importance of strong advocacy skills and the ability to submit a request supported by documentary evidence.

On getting the good news, Jacy was overjoyed and thanked the entire team of Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd. Team Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd wishes him all the best for a great future ahead.

Disclaimer: Names of the client has been changed to protect their privacy.

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