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Visitor Visa General secured despite limited living together duration

Name : Sabina Gurung [Name Changed]

Nationality : Nepalese

Problem : Multiple visa declines, separation period more than period of lived together & limited evidence of living together.

Category : General Visitor Visa

Sabina got married to Mukul (name changed) in 2014. Mukul was a New Zealand resident. Thrice she applied for a visa on her own but each time the visa application was declined. Each time they wanted to be together, Mukul had to fly down to their home country Nepal to spend time together. Every time Mukul was able to live for only a short time in Nepal due to work commitments in Nez Zealand.

Sabina realized that she needed the help of an expert to apply for her visa. She then came across Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd. on social media and connected with senior Licensed Immigration Adviser Vandana Rai.

Vandana Rai noted that the couple had only spent a few months together in the 9 years since they had been married. In addition to this, the couple did not have substantial documentary evidence to demonstrate that they had lived together even for a few months and hence proving that the relationship met the partnership requirements would be a challenge.

Vandana knew that it was crucial to demonstrate that the relationship was genuine and stable and met all the other partnership requirements as well. A detailed relationship history was provided along with supporting evidence. Also, all the concerns highlighted in the previous visa declines were addressed with a proper explanation and corroborating evidence. All this which made the case self-explanatory.

Sabina was granted a Visitor Visa General within a few days of lodging the application.  She was overwhelmed with the visa approval and was glad that she chose the expertise of Immigration Advisers New Zealand Limited.

(The names of clients have been changed to protect the privacy.)

Disclaimer: This article does not constitute immigration advice. Individual need to seek personal advice from a licensed immigration adviser or lawyer to assess their unique situation.

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