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Visitor Visa General secured in spite of inconsistency in the marriage date

Name : Bhim Shah (applicant) and Kajal (supporting partner) [Name changed for both to maintain confidentiality]

Nationality : Nepalese

Problem : Inconsistency in the wedding date on the marriage certificate

Category : General Visitor Visa (Partner of a student )

Bhim and Kajal got married in April 2021 and soon after their marriage, Kajal left for New Zealand to study a level 5 course in Hospitality Management. Bhim wanted to travel to New Zealand to be with Kajal and therefore needed to apply for a partnership based visa.

When Bhim went to obtain a marriage certificate he discovered that as Kajal was a little less than 20 years of age at the time of marriage, their marriage would not be considered legal with the original date of marriage. He was therefore issued a marriage certificate which stated a marriage date that was six months after the actual date of marriage. Also, Bhim and Kajal had limited evidence to show that they had lived together in a genuine and stable relationship after marriage.

Bhim wanted a skilled immigration adviser to handle his complex case. He came across Immigration Advisers New Zealand Limited on social media and connected with our senior Licensed Immigration Adviser Ms. Vandana Rai.

Vandana Rai understood the complexities of his case and explained to him that it was crucial to demonstrate the genuineness of the relationship and genuine intent to visit New Zealand on a temporary visa. She also assessed the surrounding circumstances of the couple in detail to determine the visa type that would be most appropriate for them and one that would be likely to have a positive outcome.

Vandana Rai, with her vast experience and in-depth knowledge of immigration instructions, prepared a strong case. Detailed documentation was provided which made the case self-explanatory and decision ready when the application was lodged with Immigration New Zealand. The result was that Bhim was granted a visa within four working days.

Bhim and Kajal were both overwhelmed and ecstatic upon receiving the visa so quickly especially since they believed that their case was weak. They were very glad that they chose the expertise of Immigration Advisers New Zealand Limited.

(The names of clients have been changed to protect the privacy.)

Disclaimer: This article does not constitute immigration advice. Individual need to seek personal advice from a Licensed Immigration Adviser or lawyer to assess their unique situation.

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