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Wrong Course Choice Leading to Residence Visa Roadblocks in NZ

Name : Celine Matthews

Nationality : Indian

Problem : Wrong Course Choice Leading to Residence Visa Roadblocks in NZ

Category : Student Visa

Celine had come to New Zealand from India on a student visa. She is married with two young children. Celine intended to study and then find a job during her post-study work visa. She knew that she could fulfill her desire to become a New Zealand resident by getting a skilled job.

Celine completed PG Diploma in Business Administration and fulfilled the criteria to get a three-year post-study work visa. While on her post-study work visa, she was able to secure skilled jobs, but those jobs were not leading to a suitable pathway to residency.

Through her online research, she was aware that Immigration New Zealand’s assessment of resident visa applications was not favourable for her type of employment. Moreover, as Celin was the primary applicant, her partner’s and two dependent children visas depended on her. She started to worry as her post-study work visa neared its expiry date. Things looked bleak for her and her family, and uncertainty loomed large on her face.

Around this time, she started her online research for the best Licensed Immigration Adviser for guidance and came across Vandana Rai’s profile. The 5-star ratings on google coupled with excellent reviews prompted her to establish contact with Immigration Advisers New Zealand (IANZ) team.

Initial Consultation

When Celine first met Vandana, she was an unsure, anxious, and nervous person worried about her future in New Zealand. However, she was able to convey that she was willing to work hard, upskill if necessary and wanted to stay lawfully in New Zealand along with her family.

Vandana Rai discussed with Celine the available options based on her individual skills, qualification, employment and experience. Vandana has a career counselling and psychology background; hence her job advice in the immigration context always caters for her client’s penchant. During her conversation, Vandana soon concluded that Celine being a mother of two young school-going children, had a natural fondness for them. It was also aptly reflected by her regular volunteering for their school activities.

Vandana then suggested to Celine that she pursue a study programme related to Teaching Early Childhood Education. The course could fulfill her long-term plans and also secure a career where she could enjoy and excel. Celine decided to go through the course contents. She realized that the proposed course offered job security and a concrete pathway to residency as it was a registered occupation.

In her meeting sessions, Vandana further advised on what skills and knowledge Celine would gain and how the course would lead to teachers registration in New Zealand.

Getting teachers registration would also qualify Celine for the priority queue list of INZ for assessment of resident visa applications. Moreover, teachers are always in demand around the world. Furthermore, the qualification could give her additional points as it was a level 9 qualification.

Notwithstanding, Celine was apprehensive about whether her decision would convince Immigration New Zealand (INZ) that she was contemplating an entirely new academic stream. Vandana then took on the responsibility of putting across strong advocacy on her behalf in INZ. Her experience and professional competency assisted in demonstrating to INZ that Celine’s intentions were bonafide and she was meeting the requirements of immigration instructions.

Successful Outcome

Due to the strong advocacy and detailed explanation of surrounding circumstances and intentions supported by documentary evidence, the application had a positive outcome.

Celine was highly grateful to the team of IANZ. In her client review, she specifically mentioned that we had provided a prudent option and ensured that all the documentation was up to the mark to ensure a favourable outcome.

She was so thankful to us that she and her family’s lives had turned a new leaf with the potential and comforting certainty for a better and more secure future.

Conclusion: The students in New Zealand must obtain immigration advice from an experienced and competent Licensed Immigration Adviser. If you are unsure of your career and immigration pathway, current studies, looking for a change in qualification or level of study, or education provider feel free to email Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd at [email protected] or call on +64 09 3790219.

(The name of the client has been changed to protect their privacy)

Disclaimer: This article does not constitute immigration advice. Individuals need to seek personal advice from a licensed immigration adviser or lawyer to assess their unique situation.

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