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Case Study: Culturally Arranged Marriage Visitor Visa Approved despite NZ Border Closure

Name : Swati

Nationality : India

Problem : Demonstrating that the marriage follows an identified cultural tradition

Category : Culturally Arranged Marriage Visitor Visa for marrying in New Zealand

Swati and her fiancé Harish, who is a New Zealand citizen, got engaged in February 2020 and had plans to get married in India in May 2020. The pandemic, however, changed everything and they had to postpone their wedding plans. They thought the situation would improve in a few months, but they could...

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Case Study: CAP seat secured, despite multiple English language test scores.

Name : Mehnaz Kaur

Nationality : Indian

Problem : Challenges faced in securing a CAP seat

Category : Nursing in NZ

Mehnaz Kaur came to New Zealand from India on a Partnership Based Visa. Her husband was already in New Zealand holding a Post Study Work Visa. After coming to New Zealand, Mehnaz wanted to get herself registered as a Nurse. As per the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ), an applicant who wants...

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Case Study: Family Unable to Enter NZ Due to Border Restrictions, Reunited by Successful Advocacy and Approval of Border Exception Request.

Name : Sneha

Nationality : India

Problem : High threshold by INZ for granting border exemption

Category : Critical Purpose Visa

In February 2020, Sneha and her children were granted partner of a student visa and dependent children visa respectively to travel and enter New Zealand to join Sumit (husband and father), who was in NZ on a student visa. However, by the time they could make the travel arrangements, the border was closed,...

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Case Study: Essential Skills Work Visa Granted Despite Employer Sustainability Concerns

Name : Jagjit Singh

Nationality : Indian

Problem : Employer sustainability concerns due to multiple hirings

Category : Essential Skills Work Visa

Jagjit Singh came to New Zealand in April 2019 on a Partnership Based Work Visa. Jagjit’s wife was at that time on a Student Visa pursuing a course in IT. On arriving in New Zealand, Jagjit started looking for a suitable job for himself and shortly afterward managed to get one. Jagjitsoon opted...

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Case Study: Immigration Policy Gap Successfully Identified

Name : Murlidharan

Nationality : Indian

Problem : PPI on Residence from Work application - LTTSL

Category : Permanent Residence, Work to Residence

Murli, an engineering graduate from India, came to New Zealand in 2017 on a Work to Residence Visa(WTR) to work as a Database and Application Engineer. After holding the WTR visa for 26 months, in December 2019 Murli applied for his Residence from Work visa application on his own. His WTR visa was...

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Case Study: Aligning Second Course Choice With Second Post Study Work Visa and Residence Pathway

Name : Sushmita Lama

Nationality : Nepalese

Problem : Aligning second course selection with Residence pathway

Category : Student Visa

Sushmita Lama came to New Zealand from Nepal to study Diploma in Hospitality Management level 5 and 6 in 2017. She completed her studies in 2019, got a Post Study Work Visa and successfully supported her husband’s partnership-based Visa. However, in 2021 while Sushmita was on a Post Study Work Visa she decided...

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Case Study: Border Exemption Approved Inspite Of Adverse Immigration History

Name : Sangam

Nationality : Nepal

Problem : Getting border exception request approved despite adverse immigration history

Category : Critical Purpose Visa – Border Exemption

Sangam applied for a partnership-based visitor visa to enter New Zealand and reunite with his wife Drishti in 2019. Drishti, at that time, was in New Zealand on a Student Visa. However, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) declined the application as the Immigration Officer was not satisfied that the couple met the requirements of...

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Case Study: Immigration New Zealand’s Consideration of Section 61 Request

Name : Adebiyi

Nationality : Nigerian

Problem : Students Unintended Unlawful Stay

Category : Section 61 Request

Adebiyi came to New Zealand from Nigeria in 2019 on a Student Visa with the dream of doing research work in science and making his parents proud. Adebiyi was happy with the way things were progressing and soon reached a stage where he needed to renew his visa, expiring in June 2021. Somehow...

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Case Study: PPI From Immigration On Unexplained Bank Deposits

Name : Sailesh Patel

Nationality : Indian

Problem : PPI From Immigration On Unexplained Bank Deposits

Category : Student Visa

Background Sailesh Patel came to New Zealand from India in 2016 to study for Diploma in Business level 5 and 6 in New Zealand. He completed his studies and was on his Post Study Work Visa when he approached Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd.(IANZ). Along with his elder sister, a resident of New...

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Case Study: Three Years Work Visa For Domestic Violence Victim

Name : Salma Suleyman

Nationality : Indian

Problem : Work Visa For Domestic Violence Victim

Category : Essential Skills Work Visa

Salma was in her early twenties when her parents got her married to a New Zealand resident visa holder according to the cultural norms in India. Soon after marriage, she got pregnant. Salma, sacrificed her education and career to be a stay-at-home mother. She came to New Zealand with her husband and child...

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Case Study: NZ Border Exception Granted Despite Client’s Adverse Immigration History

Name : Venkatesh

Nationality : India

Problem : Border exception granted despite adverse immigration history

Category : Critical Purpose Visitor Visa

Venkatesh’s wife, Promila, an overseas registered nurse who had always dreamed of working and settling abroad, decided to come to New Zealand to complete her Competence Assessment Program(CAP) to become a registered nurse. However, she knew that travelling to New Zealand would not be easy, especially during the current COVID 19 situation. So...

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Case Study: Three Year Post Study Work Visa Approved Despite Gap In Studies

Name : Kumudu Jayalath

Nationality : Sri Lankan

Problem : Break in level 5 and 6 courses

Category : Post Study Work Visa

Kumudu arrived in New Zealand in 2018 to pursue her higher education, and she selected a course related to sports. Despite being an offbeat course, she completed her course successfully in the first half of 2019 and graduated as a top academic student. Kumudu realising that she could excel in this field desired...

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