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Case Study

Case Study: Three Years Work Visa For Domestic Violence Victim

Name : Salma Suleyman

Nationality : Indian

Problem : Work Visa For Domestic Violence Victim

Category : Essential Skills Work Visa

Salma was in her early twenties when her parents got her married to a New Zealand resident visa holder according to the cultural norms in India. Soon after marriage, she got pregnant. Salma, sacrificed her education and career to be a stay-at-home mother. She came to New Zealand with her husband and child...

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Case Study: NZ Border Exception Granted Despite Client’s Adverse Immigration History

Name : Venkatesh

Nationality : India

Problem : Border exception granted despite adverse immigration history

Category : Critical Purpose Visitor Visa

Venkatesh’s wife, Promila, an overseas registered nurse who had always dreamed of working and settling abroad, decided to come to New Zealand to complete her Competence Assessment Program(CAP) to become a registered nurse. However, she knew that travelling to New Zealand would not be easy, especially during the current COVID 19 situation. So...

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Case Study: Three Year Post Study Work Visa Approved Despite Gap In Studies

Name : Kumudu Jayalath

Nationality : Sri Lankan

Problem : Break in level 5 and 6 courses

Category : Post Study Work Visa

Kumudu arrived in New Zealand in 2018 to pursue her higher education, and she selected a course related to sports. Despite being an offbeat course, she completed her course successfully in the first half of 2019 and graduated as a top academic student. Kumudu realising that she could excel in this field desired...

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Case Study: Job Suitability Related To Overseas Qualification And Work Experience

Name : Maria Rose

Nationality : Italy

Problem : Job suitability and inadequate labour market test

Category : Work visa – Essential Skills

Maria is a talented hairdresser from France. She came to New Zealand on Working Holiday Visa (WHV) and liked the country so much that she wanted to extend her stay and explore her options, including staying permanently. As her WHV was coming to an end, she got a job offer as a hairdresser...

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Case Study: Critical purpose To Enter New Zealand During Border Closure

Name : Parminder Singh

Nationality : Indian

Problem : Critical purpose to enter New Zealand during border closure

Category : Critical Purpose Visitor Visa

Manpreet Kaur is wife of Parminder Singh and is a work visa holder based in New Zealand. She met with an accident and suffered trauma and concussion. Although she was not hospitalised, she needed help with her rehabilitation and recovery from the injuries. As she has no immediate family in New Zealand, the...

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Case Study: Providing Identified Cultural Tradition Evidence

Name : Prashant and Seema

Nationality : India

Problem : Providing Identified Cultural Tradition Evidence

Category : Culturally Arranged Marriage Visa

Seema, an Indian, got married to Prashant in February 2021. It was an arranged marriage, and Seema's neighbour was the match-maker. Seema lodged her visitor visa application under the culturally arranged marriage category on her own. She had done some research before applying, based on the research, she was confident that all the required evidence...

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Case Study: Course changed from higher level to lower level

Name : Sylvia D’Cruz

Nationality : Indian

Problem : Immigration Concerns On Change Of Course Level And Type

Category : Student Visa

Sylvia D’Cruz is from India. She belongs to an exceptionally well to do family who wanted her to pursue her higher education by doing top-level courses. Under parental pressure, she enrolled for a Master of Engineering Studies in New Zealand. As engineering was neither her interest nor aptitude, she struggled with her studies. This misalignment resulted...

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Case Study: Wrong Course Choice Leading to Residence Visa Roadblocks in NZ

Name : Celine Matthews

Nationality : Indian

Problem : Wrong Course Choice Leading to Residence Visa Roadblocks in NZ

Category : Student Visa

Celine had come to New Zealand from India on a student visa. She is married with two young children. Celine intended to study and then find a job during her post-study work visa. She knew that she could fulfill her desire to become a New Zealand resident by getting a skilled job. Celine...

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Case Study: Complications At Visa Renewal Stage Despite Successful Reconsideration Request

Name : Sridharan

Nationality : India

Problem : Complications At Visa Renewal Stage Despite Successful Reconsideration Request

Category : Student Visa

Sridharan had come to study in New Zealand for a postgraduate qualification, but he could not pass all the papers and complete them in time due to certain unavoidable circumstances. He had to apply for an extension of his Student Visa, which was first declined by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) and then reconsidered and approved. However,...

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Case Study: Culturally Arranged Marriage Visa Challenges Faced Due To Pandemic

Name : Barun and Lakshi

Nationality : India

Problem : Culturally Arranged Marriage Visa Challenges Faced Due To Pandemic

Category : Partnership Based Visa

Barun is a New Zealand Resident and is currently working as a male nurse. He is now married to Lakshi. Barun and Lakshi were introduced to each other by their respective families in 2019. They got married in India according to their traditions and customs in November 2020. After marriage, the couple decided to move to...

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Case Study: Lack of Relationship Evidence and Previous Overstay in NZ

Name : Jack and Ella

Nationality : South African

Problem : Concerns pertaining to relationship evidence, and previous overstay in New Zealand

Category : Partnership Based Work Visa

Jack and Ella were in a relationship, which was seven years old and located in South Africa. While Ella had got her three-year Essential Skills Work Visa (ESWV) to come to New Zealand, Jack too had plans to accompany her. As per the plan, Jack quickly completed his work commitments and applied to Immigration New Zealand...

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Case Study: Complications Faced By Temporary Visa Holder While Entering New Zealand

Name : Harris Johnson

Nationality : British

Problem : Complications Faced By Temporary Visa Holder While Entering New Zealand

Category : Work Visa (Border Exception)

Harris along with his dependents was in New Zealand on a temporary work visa. He was a flyer with a pilot license. His license was due to expire soon. He was therefore asked by his employer to travel overseas to complete urgent training in order to keep his flying license valid. As apparent...

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