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Case Study

Case Study: Complications At Visa Renewal Stage Despite Successful Reconsideration Request

Name : Sridharan

Nationality : India

Problem : Complications At Visa Renewal Stage Despite Successful Reconsideration Request

Category : Student Visa

Sridharan had come to study in New Zealand for a postgraduate qualification, but he could not pass all the papers and complete them in time due to certain unavoidable circumstances. He had to apply for an extension of his Student Visa, which was first declined by Immigration New Zealand (INZ) and then reconsidered and approved. However,...

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Case Study: Culturally Arranged Marriage Visa Challenges Faced Due To Pandemic

Name : Barun and Lakshi

Nationality : India

Problem : Culturally Arranged Marriage Visa Challenges Faced Due To Pandemic

Category : Partnership Based Visa

Barun is a New Zealand Resident and is currently working as a male nurse. He is now married to Lakshi. Barun and Lakshi were introduced to each other by their respective families in 2019. They got married in India according to their traditions and customs in November 2020. After marriage, the couple decided to move to...

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Case Study: Lack of Relationship Evidence and Previous Overstay in NZ

Name : Jack and Ella

Nationality : South African

Problem : Concerns pertaining to relationship evidence, and previous overstay in New Zealand

Category : Partnership Based Work Visa

Jack and Ella were in a relationship, which was seven years old and located in South Africa. While Ella had got her three-year Essential Skills Work Visa (ESWV) to come to New Zealand, Jack too had plans to accompany her. As per the plan, Jack quickly completed his work commitments and applied to Immigration New Zealand...

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Case Study: Complications Faced By Temporary Visa Holder While Entering New Zealand

Name : Harris Johnson

Nationality : British

Problem : Complications Faced By Temporary Visa Holder While Entering New Zealand

Category : Work Visa (Border Exception)

Harris along with his dependents was in New Zealand on a temporary work visa. He was a flyer with a pilot license. His license was due to expire soon. He was therefore asked by his employer to travel overseas to complete urgent training in order to keep his flying license valid. As apparent...

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Case Study: Unsubstantiated Complaint Against The Primary Applicant (Student) Recorded By Immigration

Name : Dharmender

Nationality : India

Problem : Unsubstantiated complaint against the primary applicant (student) recorded by immigration

Category : Partnership Visa Complication

Dharmender is in New Zealand on a temporary visa and happily married with a child. He had applied for a Student Visa in July 2020. Since he was the primary applicant his partner and his child’s visas were dependent on the outcome of his visa application. Initially, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) during the...

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Case Study: Medical PPI Case Study

Name : Shruti

Nationality : India

Problem : PPI letter received from INZ informing health requirements not met (Medical PPI)

Category : Post Study Work Visa (Health Requirements Not Met)

Shruti lodged her Post-Study Work Visa application on her own. Within a few days of lodgement, she received a Potentially Prejudicial Information (PPI) letter from Immigration New Zealand (INZ). This letter of concern from INZ informed her that she did not have an Acceptable Standard of Health (ASH). The letter of concern also...

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Case Study: Undeclared Immigration History in Work Visa Application

Name : Jacy Clark

Nationality : USA

Problem : Undeclared Immigration History in Work Visa Application

Category : Character Waiver

Jacy admitted that it was a grave mistake on his part, even though it happened in his early 20’s. It was an isolated incident that had occurred due to his poor judgment at that particular moment. Since then, he has come a long way. He has taken all possible steps to avoid a...

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Case Study: Importance of Explaining Adverse Immigration History to INZ By An Applicant Upfront

Name : Yakubu Abacha

Nationality : Nigeria

Problem : Adverse Immigration History and Associated Concerns

Category : Adverse Immigration History

Yakubu is a Nigerian national, and he approached Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd through Google. He approached us to apply for a critical purpose visitor visa, which if granted, would make him eligible for Registration with New Zealand Nursing Council (NZNC) as a Registered Nurse. Yakubu was at that time doing his PhD...

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Case Study: Breach of Student Visa Work Rights: A Case Study by IANZ

Name : Bikash

Nationality : Nepal

Problem : Breach of visa conditions

Category : Poor Academics and low attendance

Bikash came to New Zealand on a First Time Student Visa from offshore (Nepal) to pursue a Hospitality Management course. However, when he applied for a further visa, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) declined his application on the reasons for unsatisfactory academic progress. INZ was not satisfied with his academic progress during his study,...

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Case Study: Culturally Arranged Marriage Under Partnership Visa

Name : Jagmeet and Simran

Nationality : Indian

Problem : Demonstrating marriage followed identified cultural tradition

Category : Partnership Visa (Culturally Arranged Marriage)

Simran married Jagmeet in his home country and wanted her husband to come to New Zealand and establish a life with her. Simran googled about the best immigration adviser in Auckland and contacted Immigration Advisers New Zealand team. She visited our office in Auckland to enquire about the process to lodge her husband’s...

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Case Study: Breach Of Work Rights While On Student Visa

Name : Thanisha

Nationality : Sri Lanka

Problem : Breach of visa conditions

Category : PPI Response

Thanisha arrived in New Zealand from Sri Lanka as an international student on a first-time student visa to pursue her chosen course. Although she became eligible for her Post Study Work Visa after completing her course, she wanted to upskill herself further. Accordingly, she decided to enrol herself for another course. However, while...

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Case Study: Approval Of Section 61 Request By Immigration New Zealand

Name : Rahat

Nationality : Indian

Problem : Procedural lapse by the staff of education provider

Category : Section 61 Request

Rahat arrived in New Zealand to pursue his higher education. Upon completing his level 8 qualification, he enrolled at one of the New Zealand education providers to do a Master’s degree. He even got cross credits based on his previous qualification. He was pleased as being eligible for cross credits meant he had...

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