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Case Study

Case Study: Importance of Explaining Adverse Immigration History to INZ By An Applicant Upfront

Name : Yakubu Abacha

Nationality : Nigeria

Problem : Adverse Immigration History and Associated Concerns

Category : Adverse Immigration History

Yakubu is a Nigerian national, and he approached Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd through Google. He approached us to apply for a critical purpose visitor visa, which if granted, would make him eligible for Registration with New Zealand Nursing Council (NZNC) as a Registered Nurse. Yakubu was at that time doing his PhD...

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Case Study: Breach of Student Visa Work Rights: A Case Study by IANZ

Name : Bikash

Nationality : Nepal

Problem : Breach of visa conditions

Category : Poor Academics and low attendance

Bikash came to New Zealand on a First Time Student Visa from offshore (Nepal) to pursue a Hospitality Management course. However, when he applied for a further visa, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) declined his application on the reasons for unsatisfactory academic progress. INZ was not satisfied with his academic progress during his study,...

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Case Study: Culturally Arranged Marriage Under Partnership Visa

Name : Jagmeet and Simran

Nationality : Indian

Problem : Demonstrating marriage followed identified cultural tradition

Category : Partnership Visa (Culturally Arranged Marriage)

Simran married Jagmeet in his home country and wanted her husband to come to New Zealand and establish a life with her. Simran googled about the best immigration adviser in Auckland and contacted Immigration Advisers New Zealand team. She visited our office in Auckland to enquire about the process to lodge her husband’s...

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Case Study: Breach Of Work Rights While On Student Visa

Name : Thanisha

Nationality : Sri Lanka

Problem : Breach of visa conditions

Category : PPI Response

Thanisha arrived in New Zealand from Sri Lanka as an international student on a first-time student visa to pursue her chosen course. Although she became eligible for her Post Study Work Visa after completing her course, she wanted to upskill herself further. Accordingly, she decided to enrol herself for another course. However, while...

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Case Study: Approval Of Section 61 Request By Immigration New Zealand

Name : Rahat

Nationality : Indian

Problem : Procedural lapse by the staff of education provider

Category : Section 61 Request

Rahat arrived in New Zealand to pursue his higher education. Upon completing his level 8 qualification, he enrolled at one of the New Zealand education providers to do a Master’s degree. He even got cross credits based on his previous qualification. He was pleased as being eligible for cross credits meant he had...

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Case Study: Being Unlawful to Resident Visa in Six Months

Name : Kalauni

Nationality : Samoa

Problem : Partnership based Residence visa declined rendering Kalauni unlawful

Category : Section 61 Request

Kalauni applied for her resident visa by herself, as she thought it would be easy and she was sure that she understood the requirements of Immigration New Zealand. However, things changed drastically when her application was returned by Immigration New Zealand due to failed lodgement, and meanwhile, her visa too expired rendering her...

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Case Study: Partnership Based Residence Visa Approved Directly Under Section 61

Name : Alice and John

Nationality : UK

Problem : Couple lived on boat, and travelled around the world thus had minimal living together evidence

Category : Section 61 Request

Alice is originally from the UK and was in New Zealand on a Temporary Work Visa. While in New Zealand, she got into a relationship with John, who is a New Zealand citizen. John is a passionate sailor and lives on a boat. So, Alice too moved in with John on his boat,...

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Case Study: Grant Of Character Waiver Request

Name : Ayush

Nationality : India

Problem : False allegation of assault and arrest by partner resulting into visa being declined

Category : Character Waiver Request

This is the case study of Ayush who started his academic journey in September 2014 in New Zealand. Ayush came to New Zealand on a student visa to study for a two year Diploma in Computer Network Engineering. He finished his first year with flying colours, and excellent attendance record. Soon after he...

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Case Study: Grant Of Character Waiver Request. Granted

Name : Vishwajeet

Nationality : India

Problem : Drunken driving and misinterpretation of immigration instructions

Category : Character Waiver Request

This case required in-depth knowledge and correct interpretation of New Zealand Immigration Instructions and Immigration Law in order to get a character waiver request approved. Vishwajeetisan Indian national who during his stay in New Zealand was once caught for drunk driving. At that stage, he took the incident lightly, only to know later...

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Case Study: Grant of Onshore Student Visa

Name : Simarjit

Nationality : India

Problem : Not being interpreted as genuine student due to poor academics and attendance record

Category : Section 61 Request

Simarjit Kaur, from Punjab, India was studying in New Zealand on a student visa. As the learning environment here was totally different from that of India, shefound it extremely hard to cope up with her studies.As a result, she failed in a few subjects. Her health also suffered due to the stress related...

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Case Study: Grant of Partnership Based Work Visa

Name : Hansraj and Malini

Nationality : India

Problem : Lack of living together evidence due to living in separate cities

Category : Partnership Based Work Visa

Hansraj hadbeen in New Zealand for six years after having first come here on a student visa. He thereafter continued to stayin New Zealandfirst on Post Study Work Visa(Open),and then on Post Study Work Visa Employer Assisted) before finally applying and getting his Essential Skills Work Visa. He was working hard and trying...

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Case Study: Grant of Section 61 Request

Name : Luiz Gustavo

Nationality : Brazil

Problem : Breach of visa conditions while doing volunteer work on visitor visa

Category : Section 61 Request

My name is Luiz Gustavo,and I am from Brazil. I came to New Zealand on student visa in September 2016 to study English (Level 3). I am a doctor by profession. After I finished my English studies, I wanted to apply for a student visa but I came across a good opportunity to...

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