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Case Study: Grant of Employer Assisted Work Visa

Name : Simran Kaur

Nationality : India

Problem : Employer not found compliant, and job not found sustainable

Category : Employer Assisted Work Visa

My name is Simran Kaur from India, and I came to study, work and live in New Zealand in 2016. I completed my Level 7 Diploma and after availing of my Post Study Work Visa (Open), decided to apply for Post Study Work Visa (Employer Assisted), I did not know that it would...

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Case Study: Partnership Based Work Visa Granted

Name : Kyung Mi

Nationality : South Korea

Problem : Relationship not found genuine and stable due to limited evidence

Category : Section 61 Request

I am Kyung Mi from South Korea and I became unlawful in New Zealand when my Partnership Based Temporary Entry Application that was being processed in Immigration, got declined. After careful consideration of my surrounding circumstances Vandana Rai lodged my Section 61 Request, which was granted by the Immigration in a matter of...

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Case Study: Section 61 Request Granted

Name : Jagtar Singh

Nationality : India

Problem : Careless, dangerous, reckless and drunk driving

Category : Character Waiver Request

This case required an in-depth knowledge and correct interpretation of New Zealand Immigration Instructions and Immigration Law in order to get a character waiver request approved. Vishwajeetisan Indian national who during his stay in New Zealandwas once caught for drunk driving. At that stage, he took the incident lightly, only to know later...

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