I am Jagtar Singh and I got married to Jandeep in March 2015.Soon thereafter my wife came to New Zealand to study Level 7 Diploma. I, due to my lack of knowledge, competence and awareness lodged my Partnership Based Temporary Entry Application through an unauthorised agency. I not only had to face a visa decline but also got a character concern, which required a character waiver.

I went to many Licensed Immigration Advisers but none seemed confident in taking my case, as my case had become too complex.

I was deemed to have taken assistance from an unauthorized source to complete the application form, and did not declare it as such in the relevant column of the form. Due to this omission made by me, I had failed to meet the character requirements for temporary entry to New Zealand.

I was referred to Himanshu Rai through a friend of mine, she listened to my entire case with lot of patience, and asked me many questions. Once Himanshu was convinced of my genuine intentions and the fact that I did not commit the offence knowingly he agreed to take my case.

My visa was approved within a month and now I am happily living with my wife in Auckland. My wife is on work visa now and we are in regular touch with Himanshu for all our future visa related queries. I am confident that I would soon be able to lodge my Work Visa based on my partnership with a New Zealand work visa holder.

I have no hesitation in recommending the services of New Zealand Immigration Advisers strongly to you. Their methodical approach, eye for detail and prompt responses give lot of confidence to me.



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    1. Hi There

      If anyone is still responsive on this forum, I have a DUI (Driving Under Influence -Alcohol) on my records a few months ago. I have no other convictions whatsoever (not in india or anywhere else). I am currently on Graduate work Visa – Open and next month will be applying for Graduate Work Visa – Employer Assisted. Now i know that the DUI will surely have an affect on my application, but as per you guys what all should i include in my character waiver documents and till what extent will this affect the chances of my visa coming through?


      1. Hello Nishant,

        Please be informed that :
        The drunk driving is a criminal offence in New Zealand and is punishable by a maximum sentence of 3 months imprisonment; and that it is considered by Immigration as a “community offence” and can be considered to make you a public risk;

        Hence, you need to ask for a character waiver for your next visa or else INZ can start deportation against you to remove you from the country for “cause” namely criminal offending.

        Should you require my assistance, please feel free to send all your relevant documents on this email ID i.e contact@nzimmigration.info and I will assess your case and provide you with my professional services in order to assist you to get a character waiver.

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