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Case Study: Three Year Post Study Work Visa Approved Despite Gap In Studies

Name : Kumudu Jayalath

Nationality : Sri Lankan

Problem : Break in level 5 and 6 courses

Category : Post Study Work Visa

Kumudu arrived in New Zealand in 2018 to pursue her higher education, and she selected a course related to sports. Despite being an offbeat course, she completed her course successfully in the first half of 2019 and graduated as a top academic student. Kumudu realising that she could excel in this field desired...

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Case Study: Course changed from higher level to lower level

Name : Sylvia D’Cruz

Nationality : Indian

Problem : Immigration Concerns On Change Of Course Level And Type

Category : Student Visa

Sylvia D’Cruz is from India. She belongs to an exceptionally well to do family who wanted her to pursue her higher education by doing top-level courses. Under parental pressure, she enrolled for a Master of Engineering Studies in New Zealand. As engineering was neither her interest nor aptitude, she struggled with her studies. This misalignment resulted...

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Case Study: Wrong Course Choice Leading to Residence Visa Roadblocks in NZ

Name : Celine Matthews

Nationality : Indian

Problem : Wrong Course Choice Leading to Residence Visa Roadblocks in NZ

Category : Student Visa

Celine had come to New Zealand from India on a student visa. She is married with two young children. Celine intended to study and then find a job during her post-study work visa. She knew that she could fulfill her desire to become a New Zealand resident by getting a skilled job. Celine...

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