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Section 61 Request

Case Study: Approval Of Section 61 Request By Immigration New Zealand

Name : Rahat

Nationality : Indian

Problem : Procedural lapse by the staff of education provider

Category : Section 61 Request

Rahat arrived in New Zealand to pursue his higher education. Upon completing his level 8 qualification, he enrolled at one of the New Zealand education providers to do a Master’s degree. He even got cross credits based on his previous qualification. He was pleased as being eligible for cross credits meant he had...

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Case Study: Being Unlawful to Resident Visa in Six Months

Name : Kalauni

Nationality : Samoa

Problem : Partnership based Residence visa declined rendering Kalauni unlawful

Category : Section 61 Request

Kalauni applied for her resident visa by herself, as she thought it would be easy and she was sure that she understood the requirements of Immigration New Zealand. However, things changed drastically when her application was returned by Immigration New Zealand due to failed lodgement, and meanwhile, her visa too expired rendering her...

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Case Study: Partnership Based Residence Visa Approved Directly Under Section 61

Name : Alice and John

Nationality : UK

Problem : Couple lived on boat, and travelled around the world thus had minimal living together evidence

Category : Section 61 Request

Alice is originally from the UK and was in New Zealand on a Temporary Work Visa. While in New Zealand, she got into a relationship with John, who is a New Zealand citizen. John is a passionate sailor and lives on a boat. So, Alice too moved in with John on his boat,...

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Case Study: Grant of Onshore Student Visa

Name : Simarjit

Nationality : India

Problem : Not being interpreted as genuine student due to poor academics and attendance record

Category : Section 61 Request

Simarjit Kaur, from Punjab, India was studying in New Zealand on a student visa. As the learning environment here was totally different from that of India, shefound it extremely hard to cope up with her studies.As a result, she failed in a few subjects. Her health also suffered due to the stress related...

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Case Study: Grant of Section 61 Request

Name : Luiz Gustavo

Nationality : Brazil

Problem : Breach of visa conditions while doing volunteer work on visitor visa

Category : Section 61 Request

My name is Luiz Gustavo,and I am from Brazil. I came to New Zealand on student visa in September 2016 to study English (Level 3). I am a doctor by profession. After I finished my English studies, I wanted to apply for a student visa but I came across a good opportunity to...

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Case Study: Partnership Based Work Visa Granted

Name : Kyung Mi

Nationality : South Korea

Problem : Relationship not found genuine and stable due to limited evidence

Category : Section 61 Request

I am Kyung Mi from South Korea and I became unlawful in New Zealand when my Partnership Based Temporary Entry Application that was being processed in Immigration, got declined. After careful consideration of my surrounding circumstances Vandana Rai lodged my Section 61 Request, which was granted by the Immigration in a matter of...

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