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Changes To Compassionate Entry Border Exceptions Criteria Announced By INZ

Changes To Compassionate Entry Border Exceptions Criteria Announced By INZ

Changes have been made to immigration instructions for people who are allowed to travel to New Zealand while there are border restrictions in place.  The compassionate entrance exceptions criteria establishes exceptions for family and medical grounds for travel. It also confirms that a humanitarian situation occurring outside of New Zealand has no bearing on a request to visit the country.

People who meet the ‘compassionate entry requirements’ or who have a valid invitation to apply (ITA) based on previous humanitarian requirements are now eligible for critical purpose travel to New Zealand.

Compassionate Entry Requirements

A person meets the compassionate entry requirements, if they have an extraordinary family or medical circumstances that necessitates immediate travel to New Zealand over and above any other country.

Factors that are not considered relevant when determining if the applicant meets the compassionate entry requirements whether:

  • The applicant has been impacted by a humanitarian situation occurring outside of New Zealand
  • The applicant has submitted an application, sponsorship registration or an Expression of Interest for a New Zealand visa

Compassionate Entry Requirements For Family Reasons

This includes unusual family-related circumstances that necessitate a person’s travel to New Zealand to provide support, in order to avoid serious harm.  The factors to be considered here are:

  • The applicant has a close personal connection/relationship to someone in New Zealand, either through family or otherwise
  • Whether the circumstance entails unusual family trauma or the provision of assistance for a juvenile/minor
  • Whether the applicant’s close personal connection in New Zealand has any alternative support choices
  • Whether New Zealand is their main place of residence and the length of time they have been away from New Zealand

An important thing to note here is that the separation of close family members as a result of COVID-19 does not fulfil the compassionate entrance level in itself. Alternate border exceptions, such as the family relationships category, have been introduced by the New Zealand Government to allow entrance of such certain groups.

Compassionate Entry Requirements For Medical Treatment

  • If a person is seeking entry on compassionate grounds because they require medical care/treatment in New Zealand, must have the support of the Ministry of Health or a District Health Board
  • An exception will not be granted if the applicant can adequately delay or receive treatment outside of New Zealand

It is understandable that with so many policy changes and the exceptions to the same, you may have questions or concerns.

If you have any queries or require assistance regarding the above information, please do not hesitate to contact Immigration Advisers New Zealand Ltd. at contact@nzimmigration.info or call on +64 09 3790219.  Our experienced team of Licensed Immigration Advisers will be happy to guide you.

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