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Changes to New Zealand Post Study Work Visa

New Zealand Post Study Work Visa

New Zealand is a popular study-abroad destination because of its scenic beauty and top-ranking universities offering various interesting courses. Most international students want to gain work experience in New Zealand once their study programme is completed.

What is the New Zealand Post Study Work Visa

The NZ Post Study Work Visa allows students to work in the country after completing their studies. It is designed to support the attraction of international students in courses that deliver the skills needed in New Zealand’s growing economy.

Student Visa applications lodged on or before 11 May 2022

Previously, the Post Study Work Visa NZ allowed these students to work in any role, for any employer, anywhere in New Zealand. The duration of the visa was up to 3 years.

However, things have now changed. The Post Study Work Visa New Zealand will now depend on the qualification studied and the time spent studying in New Zealand.

Student Visa applications lodged after 11 May 2022

For these students, the post study duration will be equal to the time spent studying full-time in New Zealand.

  • Masters (Level 9) & doctoral (Level 10) students:

They will continue to have will be eligible for 3 years open work visa i.e., they can work in any role and for any employer.

  • Students pursuing degree Level 7 (Bachelor’s) and level 8:

These students will have to spend at least 30 weeks studying full-time in New Zealand and the visa duration will depend on the length of time spent studying in New Zealand.

The advantages are that these students can do consecutive courses to get a longer duration NZ Post Study Work Visa. Also, they will have open work rights allowing them to work in a role that is not in line with their qualification.

  • Students pursuing non-degree Level 7 and below:

These students must complete their full qualification from New Zealand. Also, the qualification studies must be on the List of Qualifications Eligible for a Post Study Work Visa.

Unfortunately, these students cannot extend the duration of their Post Study Work Visa NZ by doing consecutive courses. Bear in mind that they must also work in a role that is directly related to their qualification.


Anyone applying for a Post Study Work Visa NZ must show that they have NZD 5,000 as available funds

Partners & dependents of New Zealand Post Study Work Visa holders

NZ Post Study Work Visa holders can bring their partners & dependent children to New Zealand. One of the most frequently asked questions is if partners of NZ Post Study Work Visa holders can apply for a work visa.

Partners can apply for a visitor visa or an open work visa. Dependents can apply for a visitor visa. They can also study fee-free as domestic students in New Zealand.

If you want to bring your partner/ children to New Zealand then please provide your details by clicking here and we will help you with a partnership-based / dependent child visa.

Benefits of the changes made to the New Zealand Post Study Work Visa requirements

The changes to the NZ Post Study Work Visa requirements will give certainty to international students studying advanced qualifications. It will also align better with New Zealand’s skills & workforce needs.

The Government’s aim is to fill the skills shortages in New Zealand and have a higher productivity, higher-wage economy.

Gaining international work experience is beneficial in laying the foundation of a strong & bright career.

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