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Changes to the Requirements for Residence Under the Green List Pathways

Changes to the Requirements for Residence Under the Green List Pathways

Immigration New Zealand has announced changes to the requirements for residence under the Green List pathways. One of the significant changes is that all health roles in the Tier 1 Green List eligible for Straight to Residence must be paid at least the median wage, which is currently set at NZ$29.66/hour. Registered midwives who provide maternity care services under the Maternity Notice will also meet the contract for services provisions under the Green List Straight to Residence instructions.

The transport sector has also undergone a change, with a new two-year Transport Sector Work to Residence policy for bus drivers, truck drivers, ship’s masters (skippers) and deck hands. Those eligible for this program are those who have worked in New Zealand for at least 24 months and should hold an Accredited Employer work visa, or another work visa applied for before 4 July 2022 at the time the residence application is made. Applicants must also be aged 55 years or younger.

Finally, several health and non-health roles have been added to Tier 1 (Straight to Residence) and Tier 2 (Work to Residence) of the Green List (Appendix 13). These changes are aimed at providing more opportunities for individuals seeking residence in New Zealand.

With the new changes and updates to the immigration policies in New Zealand, more opportunities have been opened up to individuals seeking residence. We hope these additional roles help those searching for a chance to settle here in Aotearoa. This gives more certainty around the path to residency and what constitutes eligibility requirements for these roles.

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