Character and Identity

Identity and Character Requirements

Visas that allow you to come to New Zealand each have different criteria but they all have one thing in common – identity and character requirements. This applies whether you apply for a temporary or permanent visa. It also applies to the people you name on your application with you, i.e. your partner and children.

The character requirements are:

  • Bona fide – This involves checking you are genuine about your reasons for coming to New Zealand. This includes making sure you intend to leave if you are applying for a temporary visa as well as ensuring you will comply with the conditions of the visa. The immigration authorities will also look at whether you are coming here for a lawful purpose.
  • Good character for residence visas – You must be of good character to get a residence visa in New Zealand and you can’t pose a risk to the country or its citizens. You won’t be able to come if you’ve ever served more than five years in prison, served 12 months or longer in prison in the last 10 years, been previously prevented from entering New Zealand, or have ever been excluded or deported from any country. In addition, there are other requirements regarding specific crime – if you have any convictions you should check your eligibility with a licensed immigration adviser.
  • Good character for temporary visas – The character requirements for temporary visas are similar to the requirements for residence visas. Some of the specific offences listed in the character requirements for residence visas don’t, however, apply to temporary visas. It is always best to check your eligibility, though.
  • Identity documents – You also need to prove who you are when getting a visa to come to New Zealand. For residence visas, you will need your birth certificate and either a passport or a certificate of identity (identification issued by your home country’s government that you can use for traveling). You don’t need a birth certificate when applying for a temporary visa. In most situations, your passport must be valid for three months after the date you intend to leave New Zealand.

Immigration Advisers New Zealand can assess your circumstances or help with any query you have regarding New Zealand’s character or identity requirements. Please call today for more information on 09 3790219.