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Checklist for New Zealand Partnership-Based Visa

Checklist for New Zealand Partnership-Based Visa

“What documents do I need to submit to Immigration New Zealand (INZ) for a partnership-based visa application?” This is one of the most commonly asked questions when applying for a partnership-based visa to bring your spouse/wife/partner into New Zealand.

Providing the proper evidence is crucial in getting a positive outcome on the application. Conversely, submit false or insufficient evidence, and you might get your visa application declined.

To avoid disappointment, visa applicants must understand the visa category and its requirements. Once you have a basic understanding of the requirements, gathering the evidence will be easy.

Your evidence must show that your relationship is genuine, stable, and credible and that you meet the living together requirement. The list of acceptable evidence depends on several factors, such as the type of partnership-based visa you are applying for, the kind of relationship you share with your partner, the amount of time spent together etc.

Providing the Right Evidence

It would help if you showed that:

  • Your relationship enjoys public recognition
  • You make decisions & plans together
  • You spend leisure time together
  • Co-parent, if you have children

INZ will assess how long you and your partner have been together if you have any children, how committed you are to a life together etc.

Living Together

Living together is one of the most important aspects of a partnership-based visa application. ‘What evidence can I provide to show that we have lived together?’ is another commonly asked question. Living together means sharing the same home as your partner. It does not mean spending time at each other’s house, sharing accommodation while on holiday, or living as flat-mates in the same place. Providing sufficient evidence to establish this aspect is crucial in the decision-making process. Joint financial documents and joint rental agreements are some of the documents that can help establish this.

Suppose you and your partner have lived apart for some reason (Eg. one of you worked in a different country). In that case, sufficient information regarding this must be provided with the application to enable the immigration officer to make an informed decision. For example, you must address the reason for living apart, how long you have lived apart and how you kept in touch with each other.

Genuineness & Stability

Marriage certificates, birth certificates of children, evidence of communication with each other and proof of joint financial responsibilities are just some of the evidence you can provide to show that your relationship is genuine & stable.

The above is just a basic outline of what could be submitted with an NZ partnership-based application. In addition, sufficient evidence has to be provided to show that the relationship is genuine & ongoing with the intent of maintaining it on a long-term and exclusive basis.

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The documents provided may vary from case to case. Please contact our New Zealand partnership-based visa experts for assistance with case-specific documentation. Get in touch with Immigration Advisors New Zealand Ltd, which provides up-to-date immigration information so you can consider opportunities and prepare yourself for the future. To know all the required procedures, contact us at [email protected] or call on +64 09 3790219.

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