Child Visitor Visa

Child Visitor Visa

You children may be able to join you in New Zealand if you have a work visa. The child visitor visa lets them come to New Zealand as visitors, but they must be under 19. They can also go to school, but only for three months.

If you would like your child to go to school for longer than this they will need a student visa – such as a dependent child student visa.

Making an Application

The best way to apply for a child visitor visa is when you apply for your own work visa. Your application will be considered first and, if approved, your children will be granted their visitor visas based on their relationship with you.

The child visitor visa doesn’t apply in all situations, however. If you hold one of the following work visas, your children cannot get this visa:

  • Working holiday visa
  • Silver Fern job search visa
  • Skilled migrant job search visa
  • Visa to work in a seasonal job
  • Visa to part of a crew on a fishing vessel
  • Visa if you are a domestic worker working for consular, diplomatic, or official staff

The Best Advice and Support

At NZ Immigration Advisers, we have extensive experience helping people with dependent children get a child visitor visa. To speak to one of our license advisers, please contact us today by calling 09 3790219.