Dependent Child Resident Visa

Dependent Child Resident Visa

A dependent child resident visa lets citizens and residents of New Zealand bring their dependent children to the country to live permanently. It applies to children up to the age of 24, although there are specific requirements depending on their exact age. The general requirements are that your child has to be single, cannot have children of their own (if they are over 17), and must be financially dependent on you.

If your children are granted this visa they can live in New Zealand indefinitely. This means they can also study and work here.

Things to Remember

A dependent child resident visa is not the right type of visa to use for your dependent children in all situations. Applying for the incorrect visa can cause difficulties with your application as well as delaying the process.

This applies, for example, if your children were eligible for residence in New Zealand under the Family Quota. You cannot use a dependent child resident visa in this situation even if you forgot to include them on your Family Quota application.

The same applies if you have residence in New Zealand via a the refugee family support category, the Samoa quota scheme, or the Pacific access category.

In fact, your application could be delayed and you could be asked to provide additional information if your children were eligible for residence in New Zealand in any way prior to them making an application for a dependent child resident visa.

Assistance from a Licensed Immigration Adviser

To avoid situations like the above, to help you deal with them if you are already in the situation, or for anything else related to a dependent child resident visa application, please contact NZ Immigration Advisers. Call 09 3790219.