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Does Visa Refusal Affect Future Visa Applications?

Does Visa Refusal Affect Future Visa Applications?

A visa refusal or decline is really disheartening as it can feel like a door being closed on a coveted holiday, desire to meet your loved one or forging your dream career.

The Immigration Act 2009 clearly sets out that no one has a right to a temporary entry visa. Grant of a visa is not only subject to meeting the requirement of the visa category under which the application has been made and/or immigration offcer’s discretion. A visa can be refused for various reasons – lack of commitments in the home country, provision of false & misleading information, adverse immigration history, having a criminal record, not meeting health requirements, not meeting specific requirements of the relevant visa category etc.

Unfortunately, the effects of a visa decline does not end with that particular visa application but tends to have implications for future visa applications as well, sometimes even for different countries.

Immigration authorities will take into account your visa refusal history when considering any new application. This is because a visa refusal would indicate that you may not be a genuine visitor or migrant, or that you may not comply with the conditions of your visa. Sometimes, immigration authorities of different countries also share information regarding visa applicants.

Factors impacting visa refusal :

Previous visa declines and in fact previous visa applications play an important role in visa decisions. This is essentially because an immigration office uses the information presented in previous applications to determine an applicant’s background, identify trends and gather information that they deem relevant to the application. All of this information is then used to assess a visa application. In most cases unless there is a significant change in circumstances expecting a different outcome in subsequent visa applications may prove to be disappointing.

There are various aspects of previous applications that are considered important in the decision making process of a visa application.

  • The reason for the refusal: A visa refusal for a serious reason such as criminal activity or misrepresentation, is likely to have a greater impact than a refusal for a minor reason, such as insufficient funds. The information declared by you in previous application(s) is therefore important.
  • The number of previous refusals: The more visa refusals you have, the more likely it is for your future applications to be refused.
  • The time since the last refusal: The longer it has been since your last refusal, the less likely it is to affect your future applications.
  • The type of visa you are applying for: Some visas are more sensitive than others and a visa refusal for one type of visa may not affect your application for a different type of visa.

How a Licensed Immigration Adviser can help

A Licensed Immigration Adviser (LIA) can help you to minimize the impact of a visa refusal on your future applications. They can do this by:

  • Helping you to understand the reasons for your visa refusal and how to address them in future applications.
  • Advising you on the best time to reapply for a visa.
  • Preparing your visa application documents to ensure that they are complete and accurate.
  • Prepare you for visa interviews

If you have had a visa refused, it is advisable to speak the help of a Licensed Immigration Adviser when applying for a New Zealand visa. They can help you to assess your situation and develop a plan to improve your chances of success in your next application.

Here are some additional tips for increasing your chances of success in a visa application after a refusal:

  • Provide clear and convincing evidence to support your application. This may include: documentation of your financial resources, ties to your home country and plans for your stay in New Zealand
  • Be honest and upfront about your reasons for wanting to visit or migrate to New Zealand
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your previous visa refusal
  • Get help from a Licensed Immigration Adviser

Remember, the onus is on the visa applicant to show that they meet all the relevant immigration instructions. With careful planning and preparation, you can overcome the impact of a visa refusal and achieve your immigration goals.

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