We know that when it comes to hiring an employee, a genuine employer getssleepless nights due to the complications of the process involved.This sometimes discourages an employer to go through the process and hirea suitable candidate who could take the business to next level.Immigration Advisers New Zealand understands the process involved down tothe last detail and ensures that employers as well as the employees aresupported till a successful visa outcome is achieved.

  • STEP 1: Make a note of the job profile that you would like to hire for yourbusiness.
  • STEP 2: Match the desire job profile with Long Term Skill Shortage List orImmediate Skill Shortage List or you can also check on Immigration SkillShortage Skill Checker
  • STEP 3: Undertake a Labour Market Check by way of Advertising or/ andapproaching Work and Income as the case may be, based on the ANZSCOLevel of the job profile.
  • STEP 4: Make genuine attempts to screen the candidates that haveapproached you with their CVs.
  • STEP 5: Document the genuine efforts that you have made to recruit NewZealanders for the job advertised.
  • STEP 6: Provide a Job Offer to the selected candidate, and complete thedocumentation required for lodging his/ her Essential Skills Work Visa.


  • Mismatch between terms and conditions advertised/ listed with work andincome/ offered to employee
  • Identification of incorrect skill level and job title in ANZSCO
  • Job description does not match the position offered/ not in sync withANZSCO requirements.
  • Robust recruitment process not followed. (For example, documentaryevidence not available to substantiate claims for genuine attempts, evidence of other applications received, evidence of communication withother applicants, etc.)
  • Advertisement is more than 3 months old.
  • Not running the advertisement for the required period.
  • Salary offered not meeting the market pay requirement.
  • Salary offered not meeting the skill level requirement.
  • Unreasonable requirement listed in advertisement.

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