Engaging with Us

From an Initial Immigration Consultation Through to Managing Your Case

NZ Immigration Advisers is fully licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority in New Zealand. Everything that we do completely adheres to its code of conduct. We also operate our own code of conduct – you can download a copy of that here.

Here’s what you can expect when you engage with us:

  • Free initial immigration consultation – your initial immigration conversation with us is free. This typically lasts about 15 minutes and helps determine a potential way forward. It won’t go into application specific advice (this is not allowed under immigration adviser rules without a formal engagement) but it will give you enough information to make an initial decision.
  • Complete confidentiality – we have strict procedures and guidelines in place to ensure every discussion you have with a member of our team is kept completely confidential.
  • Full assessment – a full face-to-face or Skype assessment with a licensed immigration adviser lasts about 40 minutes. It will include a comprehensive explanation of the most suitable visa options available to you, and the potential barriers you might face. It will also provide you with an opportunity to ask questions. You will get a written report based on this session.
  • Full quote – after the initial consultation we will send you a quote that will also include our code of conduct and a contract.
  • Case manager – you will then be assigned a dedicated case manager who will handle everything in relation to your visa and/or immigration status.
  • Complaints – if there is anything you are not happy with please contact us today by telephone or email. You can find these details on the contact page of our website. You can expect a response from your complaint within 14 working days. For more information on how we handle complaints, please read our Complaints Resolution Policy.