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English Language Requirements – For Visas Other Than Skilled Residence Visas

English Language Requirements: For Visas Other Than Skilled Residence Visas

You may meet Immigration New Zealand (INZ) English language requirements for NZ visas other than skilled residence visas by using your English-speaking background. Your English-speaking background can be demonstrated through education, qualifications, and use of English in work, family, and daily life.

Please note that if you are applying for a skilled residence visa, English-speaking background cannot be used as evidence of your English language ability.

Refer to your visa requirements for information on how to fulfil INZ English language criteria.

Things You Should Know Before Applying for a Visa

When applying for a visa, evidence of your English-speaking background may consist of:

  • Certificates that demonstrate you received instruction in English throughout your primary school education and for a minimum of 3 years during secondary school.
  • Certificates indicating that you were taught in English for 5 years during secondary school.
  • A tertiary qualification completed over 3 or more years, where the instruction was conducted in English.
  • Certificates verifying possession of a qualification listed in the table below.

You can demonstrate your proficiency in English to INZ by considering various factors such as your place of residence, family background, work experience, and educational achievements. Evidence that you meet INZ’s minimum English language requirements may include:

  • The country or countries where you currently live or have lived in the past, and the duration of your stay there.
  • Whether you or your family members are fluent in English or speak languages other than English.
  • The extent to which English was required in your previous and current employment, and at what level of proficiency.
  • Any qualifications you have obtained that involve proficiency in the English language.

If your background lacks sufficient evidence, INZ may request an English language test result from you.

Consider This Before Applying for A Visa for Your Partner and Children

When applying for your partner and dependent children, you have the option to purchase English language lessons as part of your NZ visa application. If your application is approved in principle, you can proceed to pay for the lessons, fully approving your application and granting your visa. This allows your partner and dependent children to improve their English after arriving in New Zealand.

If your partner and dependent children take an English language test but do not achieve a satisfactory score, they may be eligible for a discount on the lesson cost.

For principal applicants applying for a Parent Resident Visa, an option to purchase English lessons is available to meet the English language requirements. However, principal applicants for other types of visas cannot use this option.

For other types of visas, the English language ability requirements vary. Some visas do not have any specific requirements regarding the English language, such as the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV).

Things to be Noted Well!

Please note that skilled residence visas have higher English language ability requirements, which cannot be met solely through an English-speaking background.

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