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Enroll In The Management Course Of Toi-Ohomai Institute Of Technology

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Take confident strides to build a fulfilling career in management with extraordinary leadership skills and a thorough understanding of different aspects of the subject. Toi-Ohomai Institute of Technology is bringing an opportunity for students in New Zealand to pursue higher studies and ink greater success in life.

Toi-Ohomai Institute of Technology is offering its Master of Management (by Thesis) course targeting onshore students. This is a Level-9 course of one-year duration. It is a research-intensive interdisciplinary Master’s Degree that allows the students to work full-time alongside study. This enables them to achieve seamless growth in career and build acumen to adequately match the needs and challenges of the industry. This course is ideal for students who have a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree or Post-Graduate Diploma in Business or a related field. The course is designed distinctively to produce the leaders of tomorrow who are adept with the right skills to tackle real-world challenges.

The course touches various aspects – from Finance to Human Resources to Communication – to help students unlock rich strategic management capabilities. In addition, if you are interested in any particular industry, you can also endorse your qualification with a specialization.

At present, Toi-Ohomai Institute of Technology is offering this course at a special fee. Seats are filling fast, so take a decision for a better tomorrow now!

Contact us to know more about the course and its admission criteria. Our licensed and experienced experts are working with hundreds of students in New Zealand. We would be glad to address all your questions regarding this course.

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